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Eulogies: What are they?

Eulogies in a nutshell

Are you familiar with eulogies? For sure youíve heard or read one before. But what are they really? Eulogies are very special messages given by a person to someone who is worthy to be praised such as that personís partner in life, mother, father or anybody who has inspired him or her. Eulogies are delivered during a funeral in praise of the departed person or on special occasions like birthdays, retirement, and weddings. In general, they are speeches that give praise to someone living or dead.

Why deliver a eulogy?

Perhaps youíre wondering why you need to have eulogies in the first place especially in a funeral. Itís because they serve as a reminder for everybody who are present during the occasion about the departed individual. They talk about the kind of person they were, their good deeds, and the fondest memories the speaker and the departed shared together. Many religions require the reading of eulogies during a funeral which is why theyíre often mistaken for an elegy. However, itís important to note that eulogies are dedicated to both the departed and living. For instance, you can deliver a eulogy for someone whoís retired during a retirement party.

How to deliver eulogies

A eulogy must come straight from the heart and it must be delivered with utmost sincerity as well. If itís intended for a dead person, then you have to deliver it seriously. On the other hand, informal occasions like a retirement party, birthday, and the like call for something special yet funny at the same time. You can crack jokes or tell a funny tale about you and the person you dedicate the eulogy to. Meanwhile, there are instances when you easily get carried away while delivering eulogies. Now itís normal to show emotion so donít be afraid to show it. Whatís important is youíre able to deliver the message across.


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