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Eulogy for a Mother

Sample Eulogy for a Mother

We are all gathered here today to pay our respect and to remember such a great person. She was an obedient daughter, a great sister, a loving wife and a dear friend to all of us. But I think the greatest role that my mother played in her lifetime was being our best mentor. She was able to impart some special things that nobody else can. She has shared lots of good advices whenever we need them. From her I learned the importance of having a family. That no matter what misunderstandings come between us she always finds a way to make things better.

Our mother was a strong and kind hearted person. I remembered when I was little; people would tend to go to our house asking for her help. And she’d never say no to them, which is maybe the reason why all of you are present today. She also has a way of turning simple things into special ones without even trying. She’s able to light up the room whenever she laughs. As all of you know my mom has this special kind of laugh that is so beautifully infectious. She also has this amiable trait of knowing something is wrong. She knows whenever her family needs her. Whenever I have problems of my own I don’t have to worry opening up because she always makes the first move. She is the person who taught me how to pray. She taught me to believe in God and to trust Him with everything. She also told me that things happened for a reason.

During her last moments with us she requested all of us to pray the rosary with her each day. She said that prayers are our ultimate solution to every problems and a cure to all our sorrows and pain. She wants us to remember how she lived and not how she died. She wants us to keep all our special memories we shared with her; remember her laugh and all her silly jokes. She will always be with us in spirit and I know that she will stay in our heart and in our mind.

Lastly, I want to give thanks to the Lord that He chose us to be a part of the life of the woman I am very proud to call my mother. She’s only lost but never will be forgotten.


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