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How to Write the Proper Funeral Words

Funeral speech

A speech for a funeral, known as a eulogy, is written in order to commemorate the life of someone who has passed away. It is usually written and said aloud by a family member, relative or loved one of that who has passed. There are many ways one may choose to write a eulogy, it may be said in a heart-warming or dramatic tone to tell people about the life of the person who passed, but can also be said with a lot of humor while still being heartfelt.

Some details you may want to include in a eulogy may be:

  • Funny anecdotes or details about the deceased in relation to their work life, relationships, interests or achievements

  • Favorite memories

  • Discuss their favorite poem, book, or song and put it in the same context of their life

  • Recall the first time you met them and why this is significant

  • Most importantly, write the eulogy in your own voice

Eulogy sample you can customize

“A few days ago, when I received word that (name) was called upon by our Father to join him in Heaven, the first thought that came to mind was that the world has truly lost another angel. Not only was (name) a light to her family, she was a born leader in everything she did. They say that you only realize the good things about a person when they go; and in this case that day really made me reflect the impact that she had on my life as well as those who were lucky enough to have her presence grace their lives. She was a beacon of light to everyone, and she truly knew how to light a room. She was aggressive in getting what she wanted, which is why she was so successful, but she never stepped on anyone’s toes. In her personal life, she was a sister figure to all she met; it was difficult not to love her the moment you met her. Many of us can only hope to have an impact the way she did to all of our lives.”

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