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Eulogy for a Grandfather

Sample Eulogy for a Grandfather

This is for the memory of Mr. James Holland.
Grandpa, thatís what Grandpa wanted to be called in the house.

Grandpa was the leader of the American Ė Japanese war union. Grandpa fought two world wars. Grandpa was proud to be one of the American Soldier who fought against Japan. He was only 20 years old then. After the war Grandpa met Anne Marie Smith on a victory party. Grandpa fell in love with Anne and married her after 2 years of relationship.

Grandpa had 2 wonderful and beautiful children Lisa and Angie.

In his long years of service in the military, Grandpa decided to leave the camp to be with his family. Grandpa studied culinary arts and worked in a finest restaurant as an Assistant Chef. Grandpa was able to build his love and passion on cooking and eventually Grandpa started his own restaurant called Grandpa Jís Restaurant.

Grandpa was very successful in his dreams. Grandpa had a loving wife and added two children.

Grandpa was not fortunate to have a Son. Lisa, my mom, got married and then I was born. Grandpa was so delighted to know that his first grand child is a boy.

Mom told me that Grandpa was the first person to see me after I was born. When I was growing up Grandpa always made it a point to hold me everyday. No wonder why Grandpa was so dear to me. I was his first grand child and I was a boy so just imagine how happy he was when he saw me? Of course, he was. I grew up just like him, didnít I?

I canít forget when Grandpa taught me how to play tennis. Grandpa was always used to joke around that when I grow up I would be his assistant when Grandpa was playing. Assistant is picking up tennis balls. Grandpa shared tips and secrets in playing tennis. And because of Grandpa I am now a tennis player champion. Grandpa never misses any of my games. Grandpaís favorite quote is ďthis is the game of lifeĒ. He loves tennis so much and I know he was just so happy that his little grandchild is now a pro athlete for this sport. I know he is proud of me and I will continue playing and will lift it all up to him because he was my inspiration and he is the reason why I will keep on playing.

Iím a grandpaís boy. I am not ashamed to say. I acquired his passion in cooking. We both hate eating okra. Grandpaís and my favorite dish was the Grandpa Jís Restaurant best seller chicken steak. Itís the specialty because it is just so good! I love it and so did grandpa. We eat that every time we go there. If you have time, please visit Grandpa Jís Restaurant and check it out for yourself, you wouldnít regret it.

When I graduated from college, Grandpa was able to come on the commencement day even though Grandpa was sick that time. Grandpa insisted to attend the special occasion in my life. I really appreciate it and I will forever remember that moment. Grandpa made me feel special. Even though he was sick, he came to watch me on stage receiving my diploma.

Grandpa had touched so many lives. Grandpa was an inspiration

I would miss Grandpa so much. I know I am no the only one who loves Grandpa. My mom, my aunt, my cousins and my grandma truly loves him tremendously. Grandpa wants to make everyone happy, I know that. Grandpa loves all of us.


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