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Eulogy for a Cousin

Sample Eulogy for a Cousin

We are gathered here today in memory of my cousin ms. Candice Johanssen. Candice was not just a cousin for me but she was like my best friend. Amongst all my cousins, I was the closest with Candice as well as with Ryan.

Candice was a very beautiful lady both inside and out. Candice had many suitors but still she was single. She was rather picky and she was like a man hater actually because she simply doesn’t find one man with all the perfect attributes that she was looking for. The truth is, Candice was a hopeless romantic. She loved reading love stories and imagines herself as the leading lady or a damsel waiting for her prince to come and rescue her. Yes, Candice was just waiting for the perfect man to come and sweep her off her feet.

Candice was a sweet person. She was pretty, sexy and so demure. But 1 thing about her that was rather funny was when she laughs so hard she snorts like a pig. Believe it! Every time she does that, we end up laughing some more and she would snort more. I have fun memories with Candice.

I love Candice for her sense of discipline. She was very independent that’s why she bought herself a condo unit near her workplace. At first we thought it was a good idea as it gave Candice a sense of freedom. If only we knew the tragedy that would occur with that decision, I would have stopped her.

Candice will forever be remembered and we would seek justice and find the criminals that raped and killed my cousin. The building where he lives would be held liable for Candice’s death. Those rapists will be put behind bars and we will not stop until they are captured. Candice, I know it was horrific but we will always pray that your soul would rest in peace. Let us handle and pursue justice in this world.

Candice life was cut short by an unfavorable circumstance. Even though this is what have happened to her, her legacy will live on. Her life will forever be treasured by all her loved ones. She taught us a valuable lesson with regards to her death. We can never be too careful even in the safest of places, criminals still lurk. We have to keep ourselves safe no matter where we are. I know everything happens for a reason. Everybody says that but when things like this occur, now it isn’t that easy to say is it?

Yes, Candice is a loss. She could have done greater things in this world. Candice had a pure heart and we used to dream of putting up our own foundation someday. I know her body is gone but Candice’s spirit and I will still pursue that dream. I will work doubly hard to make that dream come true. If not a foundation at least I could put up something to help other people in memory of Candice.

Candice, no matter where you are now you will always be my favorite cousin and you will always be my best friend. I miss our times of laughter and every time I hear a pig snort, I will remember you. I love you dear cousin.

Thank you everyone for coming here and sharing this moment of grief with us. We appreciate your presence and support on this day. I am sure we will all miss Candice but we all have to be strong and fight crimes in our society. May this be a wake up call for all of us. Thank you.


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