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I am honored to be asked to deliver a eulogy as we are gathered here today to give our last tribute to Mayor James Bacani. Eulogy is a Greek word that means “good words” and I only have good words about our beloved mayor. We have lost a great mayor, a wonderful person. I have lost a very good friend. I have known Mayor Bacani for 22 years already. I could remember the time he helped me out. I was unemployed back then; he helped me get into a trade school thru a scholarship program. The skills I learned had helped me make a great improvement in my life, and allowed me to give a better future to my family. Because of Mayor James Bacani I am now able to support my family and give them a comfortable life.

Remembering Mayor Bacani brings tears to my eyes. He taught me the importance of leadership by example. He served this town as mayor for 12 years, and as a vice mayor for 6 years. In all his 18 years of public service, Mayor Bacani has been working for the improvement of the lives of those who are less privileged. He championed the cause of the poor. He was fighting for the budget to be allocated for schools and livelihood programs. He believed that education and actual skills being taught to his constituents are the best way to help them rise from poverty. All the improvements you see in this town today were done during Mayor Bacani’s reign. We talked regularly about how much more he needs to do for his people. He always put the people ahead of his personal needs. Mayor James Bacani simply loves this town. He served for 18 years to make all his townsmen live a more prosperous life and he was successful. Look at our town now and picture out what it was like before Mayor James Bacani.

I remember the time he was voted as the best mayor in 1999. He had a big grin on his face. In fact, he looked like a happy bear. But I won’t forget the speech he made: “This honor is just the icing on the cake. It represents all the hard work we’ve done. But what I value more is the knowledge that I have done something during this lifetime of mine to help those who believed in me. This honor is not just mine, but is for all my constituents! We need to fight for survival, from poverty, from illiteracy. With all our prayers and commitment, we are winning that fight. This is for you!” Those words showed the soul of Mayor James Bacani. He is not self-proclaiming unlike most mayors. With those words, you can really see the soul in this big old man. He loved his town, plain and simple.

Mayor Bacani was not just a serviceman; he was also a family man. I remember when his son graduated from Law school; he was beaming with pride and joy. He knew back then that his son will continue his legacy of community service. When he had his first grand son, I also remember that he always carried his picture with him and showed him to all of his constituents like a really proud grandfather. My heart is reaching out to the family he left; a family he loved with all his might. I know how hard it is to lose someone as special as Mayor Bacani. But if there is one thing that we will remember about him, it’s that he has a heart bigger that the rest of us.


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