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Heartwarming Eulogy for Mother

Our mother is very special to us after all we see her as the one who nurtured and delivered us to this world. This is one good reason why they deserve a very special message from us especially during their unforgettable days. You can deliver a eulogy for mother during her birthday, retirement, or even during Motherís Day. For some, they give a eulogy for mother during the funeral. Regardless of when youíre going to deliver it, you have to make sure that every word that comes out of your mouth should speak of your love to your mother and her wonderful deeds.

Eulogy for mother on special occasions

If your momís celebrating her birthday, retirement, or other special events dedicated for her alone, you have to think of a very heartwarming eulogy for mother. You can surprise her with a very sweet message that you and your siblings made. This eulogy can be funny but there should be some very touching parts as well. You can be creative and write a poem about your mother and deliver it during the occasion. Itís also fun to deliver a eulogy for mother through a surprise. This way sheíll be surprised and touched of your efforts.

Sample eulogy for mother

ďI always consider myself very lucky to have you for a mother. You are the best friend any girl can ever have. You were there during my saddest moment, offering your shoulder for me to cry on. A simple touch of your hand can make things better and your warm smile can brighten up the cloudiest day. There are times when we fight but I guess itís only normal since we both love each other so much. Mom, thank you for your unconditional love. I know Iím hardheaded most of the time but itís because I got it from you. You taught me to go after my dreams and be the best person I can be. Thank you and I love you so much Mom.Ē


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