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Eulogy for a Child

Sample Eulogy for a Child

Andrew’s my eldest son. Ever since he was a baby, Andrew always had a very strong nature. He’s the type of little child that would always try to get what he wants no matter how difficult it was to reach it. Yes, he had frequent accidents as a toddler but all were just minor. He was so curious about many things that he ends up hurting himself just to take a much closer look or just to taste the forbidden cake cooked by his mom or just about anything actually. Andrew was such a fun child.

When Kevin was born, Andrew was so envious of Kevin. He would take Kevin’s milk when mom’s not watching and he wouldn’t give his crib to Kevin. We had to buy a new crib just for Kevin even though Andrew’s crib was still as good as new. Andrew was just not the type of kid who wants to give away his things for his little baby brother. Though gradually, Andrew started acting like a real big brother. He started taking responsibilities when Kevin already started walking. Andrew would play with him and would feed him when Kevin was hungry. Well, we saw a side of Andrew that was different from that little toddler that he was just a few months before that. Andrew was a great brother and we were so proud of him and we are still proud of our Andrew.

Andrew and Kevin were inseparable. They became the best buddies. When Kevin had a fight with someone in school, Andrew was the first person to run towards him and fought Kevin’s fight too. Yup, both were sent to the principal’s office and we were called by the principal. At first, I was mad as my wife was so furious about the whole incident. But to tell you frankly, I was so damn proud of Andrew. I knew then that he could really take good care of his little brother.

When Stacy was born, Andrew seemed like a veteran brother already. He already knows what to do to help mommy with Stacy. Back then, Kevin was already old enough to understand that he then had a new baby sister so the transformation for Kevin was not as tough as that for Andrew. Andrew protected Stacy and treated her like a sweet little princess.

I am proud to say, all my children loved each other so much and we love them very much too. Andrew was like a father to his two siblings and at his young age, he already knows how to handle responsibilities. I am so proud of my son.

Unfortunately, we are all here right now for one reason… to mourn the loss of my beloved son, Andrew. At first it was a devastating news for my family. Why Andrew? I mean, why my boy? This is the question that follows me but I know God has His reasons for why He had to take my boy so soon. I know it is not for us to question His plans but just embrace it… Embrace the reality that Andrew is now gone.

I don’t want this to be a day of mourning but rather as a day of rejoicing that we were all given the chance to meet a very enthusiastic soul such as Andrew’s. I am so proud to have been the father of this newly proclaimed angel of God. Yes, I believe Andrew is an angel now… He is our guardian angel. To Andrew, you will forever be remembered by all of us. We love you son.


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