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Eulogy for a Grandmother

Sample Eulogy for a Grandmother

As her loving granddaughter, I have the honor to speak here today in behalf of our family. We used to call her Aunt Linda she doesn’t want us to call her Grandma Linda maybe because she was groovy and up to date granny. Aunt Linda has 5 wonderful children and 5 grand children.

I remember Aunt Linda when we were still young. Aunt Linda used to comb my brother Luke’s hair using the fork. Luke is sometimes irritated when Aunt Linda does that to him. For me that was a memorable scenario for me.

I remember mom told me that Aunt Linda was a very strict mom. Aunt Linda was very particular with studies and grades. If Aunt Linda saw any failing grades Aunt Linda would definitely spank her children’s hands. We, the grand children, are fortunate that Aunt Linda was not able to see our grades or else you know what would happen to us.

Aunt Linda was a Professional cook. The food that I would definitely miss was the Spaghetti in White sauce with Wine. I had asked her several times how she was able to cook the spaghetti perfectly but, still this is her secret.

Aunt Linda was also my protector and counselor; every time my mom and I had an argument Aunt Linda would confide me in my extreme sadness. Aunt Linda was like my second mom.

Aunt Linda was involved in so many groups, activities and clubs. Aunt Linda was most active in Ballroom dancing. Aunt Linda once brought me to their favorite hang-out I enjoyed her company so much. Aunt Linda at her age had that high level of energy to perform well dancing the Tango.

Aunt Linda was so sensitive when it comes to her grand children, especially Aunt Linda’s favorite grandchild Enoch. Aunt Linda was able to devote time on raising Enoch.

Aunt Linda was such a great provider for her family. Aunt Linda was able to raise them all by herself. Aunt Linda is a tough woman. That’s when Grandfather Raymond left Aunt Linda. Aunt Linda was able to carry on.

Aunt Linda was able to finish reading The Da Vinci Code. Aunt Linda was so interested in Dan Brown’s writing. I never thought that Aunt Linda would finish reading the book which it took so much time for her to finish. I even told Aunt Linda that I would just let her watch The Da Vinci Movie but Aunt Linda insisted that Aunt Linda would like to finish reading the book. Aunt Linda’s favorite movie was the Notebook. Aunt Linda can relate to the story very much.

When I grow old I wanted to be as strong and high spirited like Aunt Linda. Aunt Linda is my inspiration.

Aunt Linda’s memory will be forever in our heart. Now, Aunt Linda is with The Lord and may Aunt Linda find peace in heaven. Finally, Aunt Linda will reunite with Grandfather Raymond and definitely Aunt Linda will share all Aunt Linda experiences and accomplishments here in the World.

Thank you very much for spending time with us. This is for the memory of Aunt Linda. So now for the last time we bid you farewell, Aunt Linda.


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