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Eulogy for a Father

Sample Eulogy for a Father

My papa was a very wise man. If you were to ask me of what comes up to mind if I were to define my dad, I would say that to you. My papa was a wise man. Every time I have problems or when I have something that bothers me, I always go to my papa for assistance and for his wise words. My papa never runs out of ideas and advices. I always looked up to him. My papa was my hero, my friend, my idol.

I have always been a papa’s boy. Yup, ever since I can remember I have always jumped to every opportunity that I had to be with my papa. As a toddler, I still remember that I would always imitate his moves. My papa was like my image of what a real man is like. He moved like such a macho and I would always imitate him.

I value the memories I had with my papa when we would sit outside our house and he would play with his guitar and would ask me to sing his favorite songs. I was so proud when I perform with my papa. I know I am not a good singer, in fact I think I can’t even land a tone perfectly but seeing my papa look at me like a proud father makes me want to sing some more. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I always wanted to make my papa proud of his little kid.

I was papa’s side kick in his business after I graduated from college. In all his transactions, I was there. If there’s a need to sign some contracts, there should always be 2 signatories, me and papa. I was his little buddy and I was just so proud to learn great things from this wise man. I have lived my life with a wise man who teaches me everything that I need to learn in life. Yes, I was so lucky.

Papa had been suffering from cancer for years now and when papa had taken his last breath I was saddened but somehow I was happy too. Seeing my papa in so much pain was too much for me to handle. Yes, during the whole time that papa was in his death bed I was there. I never left him and I heard all the painful cries and the tears that are falling down his eyes. Honestly, I never saw my papa cry before and when I saw those tears, I truly felt sorry for my papa. I knew he was in so much pain and there’s nothing I could do about it.

On the day that he died, I saw papa was happy. I could not explain the kind of happiness that was on his face but I saw him to be happy that day. He was weak, yes but he was so full of joy. I guess he knew that that would be the day for all the pain to go away and that he saw his life flashed before him and he saw how much he had accomplished in his life. We will never know what goes on in his head that day but I knew somehow that papa was ready for what had to transpire.

Papa, I will forever follow your advices. Whenever I feel down and needs some words of wisdom from you, I just need to listen to my heart and I would hear you whispering those wise words again and I would know I would be just fine. You may be gone now but you will forever live in my heart. I will live just like you have lived. I want to be a wise man just like you, my idol.


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