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Sample Eulogy for a Brother

Let me start this eulogy by saying that even though Flint and I usually fight, I still love my brother so much.

Yes, Flint and I fight all the time. What can I say? We are of different worlds. We donít like the same television shows, we donít like the same type of music, and I like staying at home while he likes to go out to parties. Well, Iím an introvert while heís an extrovert so basically we are of very different worlds.

Yes we fight but we donít fight and start hating each other. I still would say I love you to him and we do hug each other time to time although of course that is a bit disgusting to some siblings but no matter how opposite I am to Flint, we still cared for each other so much.

I remember back during my first day of school, I was so scared with the new environment. Thankfully, Flint knew about my first day jitters and he was there with me, holding my hand and introducing me to some of his friends while he leads me on to my first class. I really appreciated that little gesture from my older brother. Flint is a type of guy who really wants to protect me, his little sister, from all the guys in the world. I mean, seriously. It may sound funny but he would really interrogate my suitors as I got older. My dad does not worry about my suitors because he sees Flint doing what a dad was supposed to do. Of course Flint was doing it in such an exaggerated way like threatening to bomb my first boyfriendís house if he would try to hurt me. Well, my relationship with that guy didnít work out but he really didnít hurt me. I guess he was so scared of Flint.

Flint was a great brother. Yes, like I said we fight all the time but Flint never fails to make me feel that he really loves me. It was always Flint and I as we donít have other siblings which is why I totally depended on him with just about anything. If I need to go to the grocery to buy some stuff I can always depend on Flint to drive me there. If I would go out to party every now and then, I would always expect Flint would come and pick me up before 12 midnight. Yes, he was that strict and was that protective and we would always argue about that though of course deep down, I appreciate it. I knew I was safe because Flint was around, ready to carry me when I need to be carried.

What will I do now that Flint is no longer there for us? How will I go on now knowing that Flint wonít be able to drive me for groceries anymore? No one will come and pick me up before 12 midnight now. Does this mean I am free? Of course not. I know Flint just wants me to stay safe so even though he isnít with us anymore, I would still go home before 12 midnight in respect to Flint.

Flint, I know youíre in heaven now. I know youíre happy with grandma and grandpa now. Please watch over me, mom and dad. Please still watch over me and keep me safe. I still know that when I need you, you would still be there for me. I will just have to think of you and I know youíll be there. Not in body but in spirit. I love you dear older brother. You will always be in my heart forever and ever.


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