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How to Write a Funny Eulogy

For a lot of people, laughing and humor can actually be a good thing to incorporate in a eulogy – especially if the person who is deceased had a good sense of humor. Eulogies don’t always need to be about loss, sadness, or grief. They can sometimes include funny stories or memories, but you need to choose them carefully.

As a matter of fact, some of the “best” laughs that you’ll hear when giving a humorous analogy are from the people who knew the person well. Funny eulogies can help everyone better relate to the deceased, as well as make everything just a bit more light-hearted during this somber and emotionally trying time.

Writing a Funny Eulogy – Tips to Consider

Let’s take a look at some tips to consider when trying to write a funny eulogy:

  • Use Humorous Memories: Recalling a practical joke that was played by the deceased, or recalling a funny costume that they wore, can help lighten up the eulogy and make the atmosphere a little less gloomy.
  • Reveal an Inside Joke: Revealing an inside joke that you and the deceased may have had together is a great way to bring a smile to a few people’s faces during the memorial ceremony or funeral.
  • Discuss Happy Moments of Their Life: This is always welcomed, and can include recalling an exciting vacation or a 40th anniversary party. Do your best to illustrate these moments with your words so that you can show everyone how loved the deceased person was.

Like most eulogies, a funny one doesn’t have a set time span. However, do keep in mind that most of these speeches tend to fall within the three and five minute range. But don’t get caught up in the time, or being perfect, and instead focus on delivering the best speech that you can.

The Most Memorable Eulogies Can Be Humorous!

Some of the most memorable eulogies have been ones that are funny. And it wasn’t the jokes or punch lines that made them this way. It was simply the fact that humorous eulogies allow people to see (or relive) a side of the deceased that they never saw.

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