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Writing Memorable Funeral Poems for Mom

Why is writing funeral poems for mom difficult?

If there’s one person who showers us with unconditional love it has to be our mother. And when the time comes for us to say our last goodbye to our mother, it’s only right that we give her a special message from the bottom of our hearts. Funeral poems are not so hard to write. It’s only hard because we are so emotional about her leaving us. We know the exact words to say but writing it down and delivering it in front of other people can be overwhelming. You’re scared you’ll burst out crying in the middle of your delivery.

Writing it down

As a child, it’s your responsibility to write funeral poems for mom especially if you’re tasked by the rest of the family to do it. Consider yourself honored since it’s your chance to let everybody know how much you love your mom. So what are you going to write down? The most practical way is to write about what you know. For example, you can list the admirable traits of your mom and write a poem about them. You can even write a short verse or narrative about your fun times together or the lessons you’ve learned from her.

Sample funeral poem for mom

I will miss your warm smile
That wakes me up every morning
I will miss your sweet kiss
That makes me feel better during hard times
I will miss your laughter
That brightens up my darkest days
I will miss the touch of your hand
That tells me everything will be all right
I will miss your kind words
That inspires me to go after my dreams
I will miss your love
That taught me how to open my heart
Most importantly, I will miss YOU.

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How to Write Funeral Poems for Mom

Why use a poem for a mother’s funeral?
Losing a mother is never easy, as they have been the ones who raised us and took care of us. Mothers are the figures who work hard to give us a good quality of life, sacrificing even their own deepest wants and desires as long as they can give more to their children. Using a poem to honor a mother in her funeral is a good way to add substance that no other words can offer. There are many poems out there created solely for mothers or you can also write your own.

How to create a poem for mother’s funeral
If you don’t have experience in writing a poem, you may want to have a scratch pad where you can write down your favorite quotes and memorable experiences with her.  You and your mother may have a particular tradition that no one else knows, this is a good time to write it down on paper and let other people know. Also describe her character: how strong she was and how she lifted the family up in times of need, how she was there for you, and how she knew you like no one else can. Think around these lines, and you’ll surely be able to put a poem together in no time.

Sample verses in a poem for mother

My childhood is made up entirely of fragments of you, smiling down at me
Full of love and joy, the kind of warmth only a mother can give, but only we can see
Your beauty on the outside is unmatched by the treasures in your heart
I have been lucky enough to experience this, and because of your love we will never truly ever be apart.

You can play with words to suit your own feelings and preferences to demonstrate how you really feel about your mother.