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Eulogy Example for Father

William was a wonderful man. From the time I was a child, he was never too busy for me. I’ll never forget when I was ten years old. I wanted a Spin Art kit. You would put the piece of cardboard into the holders, and then tap on a pedal that would spin the cardboard. As the cardboard spun around, you would drop paint on it, creating a tie die effect. I loved that little art kit with all of my heart. Within hours I had used up all 200 little squares of cardboard that I had. With each piece of cardboard, I proudly ran to my father to show him my new masterpiece. With each new masterpiece, he patiently put down his book and looked at my creation before telling me how wonderful it was.

That patience was one of the many reasons that I grew to admire my father. I rarely saw my father lose his temper, or his patience. Regardless of the situation, my father remained in complete control of his emotions. I also admired the kind of man my father was. He was a driven man, and very goal oriented. He always fought to achieve his goals, climbing one mountain and then going on to climb another one. That drive and motivation was the reason for my father’s extreme success in life. He was a successful man, and a spectacular father.

Another reason that I grew to admire my father was the kind of father that he was. He was committed to making his children happy, to raising wonderful children and to simply being there. He loved to take us all fishing and hunting, not to mention out riding four wheelers. My father was at every school play and volunteered every year on field day at my school. Every year he would jokingly accuse me of cheating.

I will never forget his quirky yet wonderful sense of humor.
My kids will forever miss the papa that gave them piggy back rides.
Friends and family will miss the laid back, wonderful person that he was.
William will always be missed, by all of us for one reason or another.

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Example Eulogy for Sister

Eulogy Speech for Sister

“My sister Carlene was the type of person who believed that anything was possible. I’m not exactly sure where she received her strong attitude towards life, but I can definitely say that it affected those around her for the better. When we were young, she always preferred the name ‘Carly’ instead of ‘Carlene’. She was always a fun person to be around, and having her gone has taken a lot out of me emotionally.

Life can definitely throw some curve balls at you, but thanks to Carlene, I’ve learned how to cope with these situations much more effectively. When my sister was in college, she worked three jobs and went to school – it just goes to show her character and just how harder and worker she actually was. She was an activist for a variety of causes as well, mainly for human and animal rights.

When Carlene had her first child, her eccentric personality immediately washed away and she focused all of her energy on her baby. Her devoted personality and loving nature is something that I will miss more than you know. She was the type of mother who would give her children the full attention and love that they deserved. And it came to us all as a shock when we discovered that she had an illness.

Being a fighter, I knew that she’d be able to defeat the cancer – and she did for more than seven years. Although she’s gone now, I’m sure that your children have all received amazing core values from her. As I stand out here today, I can clearly see just how many lives she touched during her time on earth. Remembering all of her achievements and contributions brings a tear to my eye just thinking about them.

Little sister, although you are gone, you are not forgotten. All of us here in this room, especially your children, husband, mother, and father, are going to miss your generosity and warmth. Your commitment to humanity will not go unnoticed, and your courage is going to lead everyone by example as we live out the rest of our lives. God Speed, and I hope to see you again someday long from now.”

Example Eulogy for Brother

Brother Eulogy Speech

“Nobody understands you like a brother – at least that’s how it was in my family. Growing up, my older brother Joey was always there for me. Whenever I needed to get picked up from school, he was there. Whenever I was having boy problems, he was there. It’s truly sad that he lost his life so early.

Joey was a “wild” stallion. He had a knack of always finding adventures wherever he went. When he was 20, he ventured off into the woods with nothing more than the shirt on his back – he stayed out the entire night! But in spite of his wild personality, Joey was a kind-hearted and loveable brother.

Anyone who knew Joey knew that he was a very giving person. If a friend needed money for something, he would give it. If someone needed their car fixed, he would help. It’s this kind of selflessness that you can’t find much in the world anymore. There’s no doubt that the world lost somebody very special in Joey.

I stand up here today not to mourn, but to instead celebrate my brother’s life. As most of you know, Joey was attending medical school when he experienced his tragic car accident. He wanted to become a doctor. In the back of my mind, I always knew that he would thrive in the medical industry, mainly because he had such a gifted mind.

Unfortunately, his plan was cut short, and this was an incident that nobody could have predicted. My two sisters and I miss him very much, as do our parents, grandparents, and friends. We understand that he’s in a better place, but it gets hard to think that he won’t be there to wake me up in the mornings with freshly made blueberry pancakes.

I want to thank everyone who was able to make it out tonight. I’m sure that if Joey were here today, he’d appreciate it very much. As one final piece of advice, live your life to the fullest, because you never know when an unexpected accident like Joey’s is going to take it all away. Thank you all.”

Example of a Eulogy Speech

Writing a eulogy can be challenging. You might be finding it difficult to choose the right words. You might even be confused about the structure and layout of a traditional eulogy. To help provide you with a little guidance and inspiration, here is an example of a eulogy speech that you can use as a reference when writing your own.

Example Speech – Eulogy for a Deceased Father

“The loss of my father was the most difficult thing that I’ve ever had to go through in my life. As I stand here today, I now realize just how lucky I was to call him my father. There are no amount of words that can express how he influenced my life. Thanks to him, I’m a better father, husband, and person.
As most of you already know, my father was a gentle, loving, and strong man. He was a deeply devoted “family man”, and was always there for my three siblings and I. To my mother, he was a hardworking and loyal husband, and to his friends, he was a man that you could always count on when you needed him most.
One of the biggest life lessons that I learned from my father was the value of hard work. He always did what he needed to do to provide for his family, and I can hardly remember a time when my father wasn’t working his hardest to give us the best of everything. These are values that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.
In closing, I’d like to say that it’s because of him that I have the strength and courage to stand up here today and deliver this speech. My only hope is that one day, when my time on earth comes to an end, my children will be able to look back and think about me the same way as I think about my father now. It is because of him that I am who I am today. Thank you father, and I love you.”

This speech sits on the shorter end of the spectrum, but as you can see, it flows quite elegantly. Feel free to use it as a reference and source of motivation when you’re having a difficult time writing your own eulogy.

Eulogy Examples for a Mother

Losing a family member is no doubt difficult, but losing a mother, the person who gave birth to you, can steal a huge part of your happiness. A eulogy is a great way to start healing after your mother has passed, and will help everyone in the audience remember what an amazing person she truly was.

Mother Speech Example #1

“Mercy was only 55 when she passed away unexpectedly on Friday, February 18th in Deland, Florida. Saying goodbye is difficult. I wish we would have had more time together. I wish that we would have spent more time together. I wish that your illness wouldn’t have taken your life so early. While I know that you’re now resting in peace, it’s difficult for me to find the words to express how much I loved you, but I’ll give it a try.

My mom was an avid gardener. She was a woman who took a lot of pride in her flowers. Sometimes, she even treated them like her own children! I believe that she was an amazing gardener because of her special attitude towards life. Being a hard worker, and have both persistence and patience, she could put a smile on anyone’s face given enough time. She was that kind of person. You’ll be remembered forever mom. I love you”.

Mother Speech Example #2

Mom is survived by her five children and three grandchildren, as well as her other family members and friends. There’s no doubt that this family isn’t going to be the same without mom. She provided us with strength, courage, and discipline. She was a woman who thoroughly enjoyed life, and this attitude helped all of use enjoy life a little more as well.

My mother, Sarah, spent 15 years battling her illness. She was a very tough person, and during this time, she continued to provide for us. This wonderful life lesson, hard work, is something that I’m going to carry with me for the rest of my life. Her death has made me realize just how short life can be, so I’m going to try to use this as an opportunity to change for the better.”

Reflecting on Funeral Sermons

During funerals, we can really feel that there is a sad and gloomy atmosphere. This is why prayers are very important. Funeral prayers are recited not only for the sake of the deceased person but also to the people who he had left behind. Death can often bring us to a spiritual journey. It can also make us realize the value of life. More than anything, during these times of sorrow, we should hang on to our religion. Funerals sermons are very comforting to hear especially if they are written and delivered well by the officiating pastor or priest of the funeral.

Largely, Christians and Catholics would often have a ceremony or celebrate the Holy Eucharist during a funeral. This is the time where the priest would give out his funeral sermons. They are filled with hopes and positivism that God has mercy on His people and through His love, the deceased would achieve eternal life with the Father.

Take time to listed and reflect on funeral sermons. You can learn a lot of lessons in the words of your preacher. Take something home with you- a positive outlook and a determined mindset to continue with life with hope and love.

Sample funeral sermons

We are here today not to spread sorrow and grief to the people present here today, but we gather together today in unison to pray for our sister, Jill. We believe that our prayers would help her be with the Father in his kingdom. Prayer is a powerful instrument that we can use to help Jill in her journey to the next life. The best thing that we can do right now, is not to cry, but to pray for Jill- that is the best gift that you can give her. The flowers would wither but prayers never will.

Trust in God. He has plans for all of us. He works in mysterious ways and soon, you would know the reason why all of these have to happen and why He has to take Jill away. We should not only pray for Jill, but we should also pray for each other. May we move on with our lives and live the lessons and the values Jill imparted us with.

How is a Sample Funeral Speech Helpful

A funeral speech is a small speech given in the remembrance of the departed soul. It can be as personal as one can make it. A funeral speech is a short description of how the departed soul had lived through his life and how his/her death would create a void. It is not necessary that funerals speeches are always sad, as a person, who has lived a long and healthy life is paid tribute by giving the last goodbye happily. Of course, nothing can fill the void created by someone’s death, but comforting words can soothe the pain, at least temporarily.

Writing funeral speeches can be a little difficult. At a time when one is mourning the death of a beloved, it is a little difficult to think straight and put all the memories of the years gone by, into a few words. However, writing about the beautiful times spent together and fond memories of good times can be a way to pay tribute to the departed soul. You can talk about the kindness, gentleness, care, and love of the dead person. You may talk about all the good things that the dead person might have done for his friends, colleagues and family.

Despite the guidelines provided, if you are unable to write a funeral speech, you may take the help of a sample funeral speech available on the internet. This sample funeral speech can be the basis of your speech. There are dedicated sites, which have funeral speeches for specific relations like mother, father, grandparents, child etc. Therefore, you can easily find the most touching funeral speech on the internet.

A funeral speech is like a last goodbye to the deceased and therefore, it must portray your true feelings towards the departed soul. You may take the opportunity to ask for forgiveness or thank the departed soul for what ever he had done in his life.

Eulogy for Sister: Funeral Speech Writing Tips

To some people, their sister is their best friend. She is someone that you can talk to over the phone for hours talking about nothing at all. The demise of a sister can really be devastating. Writing a eulogy for your sister can give you the opportunity to say things that you haven’t told her when she was alive. This is your time to tell the world how much you sister means to you. If you are still searching for words on what to say on your funeral speech, here are some ideas.

How to write a eulogy for sister

Think of your sister as you grow together. Jot down the fun and memorable moments that you shared. Tell about something you shared as kids or as an adult. Recall the times when you have felt the love of your sister- this can be something nice to share to your audience during the funeral.

Think of your sister’s characteristics and how she is as a sister. You can also talk to her close friends, co-workers and family to get their opinion about her. You can portray your sister as a good wife and a reliable friend during your funeral speech.

Talk about your sister’s contribution to your family or the community. It would be nice to hear about her achievements and milestones in her life.

Always end with a positive cheer. You can talk about funny experiences that you had with your sister to make the mood lighter.

Sample eulogy for sister

Though we don’t have you in our midst, you would always be remembered as a reliable friend, a loving mother and an understanding wife. To me, you are like my fairy godmother who would just jump out of nowhere whenever I need some help. When we’re kids, you would always help me with Math and as we grow older, you would always help me go through my bad relationships. You are my life saver. Thanks for sharing your life with me and with the rest of us gathered together today to celebrate your life.

Eulogy for Brother: Funeral Speech Writing Tips

A brotherly love is like no other. A brother is there to protect you and a best friend that you can run to whenever you weary. There are a lot of meanings of brotherhood but you would surely know the real meaning of this word when your brother passes away. You can share your experiences with your brother during his funeral. Celebrate his life and the good things that he has left behind. If you were to write a eulogy for your brother, you can have some good ideas with these tips:

How to write a eulogy for brother

  • Jot down happy moments that you had with your brother. You can talk to his close friends, wife or girlfriend, and kids and ask them how your brother was like as a partner, as a father or as a friend. Sum up all of these in your speech.
  • Jot down the characteristics of your brother and think hard on how you want your brother to be remembered. You can portray your brother as a loving husband or a caring dad in your speech. But most importantly, tell the audience how your brother is a ‘brother’ to you.
  • Talk about your brother’s achievements. Share the values he had to get to his success.
  • You can always share a funny experience with your brother. This would lighten up the mood. Always end your funeral speech with a happy note.

Sample eulogy for brother

Today should not be a day of grief but a celebration of life. My brother had lived his life in such a beautiful fashion. He has been a protective brother to me, a responsible dad to his kids and a faithful husband to his wife. One may say that he had gone through a perfect life but there are some things that you should know about my brother… (you can start sharing funny experiences or share your brother’s secret hobby or secret passion -something that would surprise the audience).

How to Write a Moving Eulogy for Grandmother

It is always a joy to have a lot of mothers at the same time- your biological mother and your grandmothers. Grandmothers are considered as your second parents. You owe them the life of your mother and your life as well. There are the foundation of respect and strength. If you are living with your grandmother, you would not have a hard time in writing a eulogy for her. You can fill her eulogy with the things that you remember about her- her odd ways and how she always sees to it that your mother or father is well take care of.

In writing a eulogy for grandmother, keep in mind the years that she has spend raising your father or mother and how she always showed love for her grandchildren. You can picture her as someone who does not get tired of loving and taking care of the people she loves even at her age. You can share how you take care of her as she wither down into her disease and how you witness her strength all throughout the years of her life. Most importantly, share the happy moments that you have with your grandmother and special advices and words of wisdom that she imparts you with.

Here is a short sample of a eulogy for grandmother that you can use a pattern in drafting your own funeral speech for your grandma.

“There are so many adjectives that I can use to describe my grandmother. But above all, I can say that my grandma is a person full of wisdom. Her life experience truly made her a pillar of strength- even at her age. There are many things that she shares with me. She always gives me golden thoughts of everyday that changed my life one day at a time. When I heard that she is diagnosed with cancer, I cried and prayed that her gift of speech would not be compromised…”

You can then begin sharing your experience and the feelings you had when you took care of your grandmother. End with a positive though or a word of wisdom that you learned from your grandma which the audience can take home with them.