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How to Write a Funny Eulogy

For a lot of people, laughing and humor can actually be a good thing to incorporate in a eulogy – especially if the person who is deceased had a good sense of humor. Eulogies don’t always need to be about loss, sadness, or grief. They can sometimes include funny stories or memories, but you need to choose them carefully.

As a matter of fact, some of the “best” laughs that you’ll hear when giving a humorous analogy are from the people who knew the person well. Funny eulogies can help everyone better relate to the deceased, as well as make everything just a bit more light-hearted during this somber and emotionally trying time.

Writing a Funny Eulogy – Tips to Consider

Let’s take a look at some tips to consider when trying to write a funny eulogy:

  • Use Humorous Memories: Recalling a practical joke that was played by the deceased, or recalling a funny costume that they wore, can help lighten up the eulogy and make the atmosphere a little less gloomy.
  • Reveal an Inside Joke: Revealing an inside joke that you and the deceased may have had together is a great way to bring a smile to a few people’s faces during the memorial ceremony or funeral.
  • Discuss Happy Moments of Their Life: This is always welcomed, and can include recalling an exciting vacation or a 40th anniversary party. Do your best to illustrate these moments with your words so that you can show everyone how loved the deceased person was.

Like most eulogies, a funny one doesn’t have a set time span. However, do keep in mind that most of these speeches tend to fall within the three and five minute range. But don’t get caught up in the time, or being perfect, and instead focus on delivering the best speech that you can.

The Most Memorable Eulogies Can Be Humorous!

Some of the most memorable eulogies have been ones that are funny. And it wasn’t the jokes or punch lines that made them this way. It was simply the fact that humorous eulogies allow people to see (or relive) a side of the deceased that they never saw.

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Giving the Best Eulogy for Father

Memorable eulogy for father
Your father is a very special person who deserves nothing but the best speech you can ever think of. If you want to wow your father and those present during the occasion, you have to come up with a memorable eulogy for father that speaks not only of his great accomplishments in life but his unconditional love as well. Your eulogy to the most important man in your life must come from the heart and be filled of emotions which you can’t express to him before. You should see it as an opportunity to tell him what you really feel.

How to write eulogy for father
You have to think several times of what you want to say in front of your father and his guests when you deliver your eulogy. Write down your ideas so you can go back to them once you’re ready to write your eulogy for father. The simplest ways on how to write one is by making your outline and then finalizing your ideas to make your whole speech well-organized and detailed. Write something about your father which you want others to know just like how your father is the most responsible dad in the whole world.

Delivering a eulogy for father
You have to deliver your eulogy for father with utmost seriousness especially if it’s a funeral. You don’t want people laughing in the saddest moment of your lives. On the other hand, if it’s a funny eulogy dedicated to your father in his 60th birthday or other informal occasions then you can be as humorous as you want to be. Just make sure you don’t end up making your father or yourself the laughingstock of the party. Make sure that you practice your eulogy for father several times, preferable a few days before the big day to avoid getting nervous or shy when you deliver your eulogy.

Eulogy Samples to Help You Write Your Own

How eulogy samples help

Let’s face it. Not all of us are born to write especially eulogies and other speeches. But the fact is they’re not really so hard to write once you have eulogy samples with you. These samples can serve as your guide as you start writing your original eulogies. There are samples found in the internet that also gives you a step by step instruction on how to go about it. Others even offer people like you free eulogy samples including templates which you can then customize. Gather as many samples as you can so that you’ll be ready every time you get invited to deliver a eulogy in a funeral, retirement party, birthday and other occasions.

Where to look for eulogy samples
Now that you’re aware of the many benefits of eulogy samples, it’s time you learn to look for them. The internet is the best source of eulogy samples. You can find all kinds of eulogies online especially in websites dedicated for writing speeches and the like. Most of these samples are free of charge while there are some that require you to sign up and become a member of their site before you avail of their services. You can download these eulogy samples and save them for your own use. Meanwhile, there are also books and magazines where you can find samples or you can borrow some from friends.

Choosing the right eulogy samples
Before you start copying eulogy samples, it’s important that you read each one of them carefully. You have to be very picky since most of these samples are already common. If possible, look for samples that sound unique and interesting compared to the usual eulogies you’ve read or listened to. Most importantly, gather eulogy samples which are useful to you. Have a little of everything. Look for eulogy samples for funerals, weddings, retirement parties, and many more.

Learn to Write Eulogies with These Eulogy Examples

Funny Eulogy Examples
Consider yourself lucky if a friend asked you to delivery a eulogy on his or her birthday. It only means that he or she finds you special enough to deliver a message during the big day. Now you don’t want to bore everybody during the party and since it’s a birthday celebration you should come up with a funny eulogy. Here’s an example:

“They say cats have nine lives but Manny here is now living his 30th life and he’s not even a cat. I must say he doesn’t even grow older each year since he’s still as tall as he was 15 years ago and he still got baby hair.”

Solemn Eulogy Samples
When you’re invited to deliver a speech in a funeral then that’s another story. You have to prepare something serious, one that can move everybody to tears. A great way to write this kind of eulogy is by making a short story line. For example:

“When I was seven, I remembered how my dad and I built a tree house in our backyard. We used to climb it together and while lying on the wooden floor, we’ll talk about our dreams. That tree house is a reminder of our special bond as father and son. And now that my dad returned to his Creator, that tree house will continue to remind me not only of our special relationship but of all the dreams we built together.”

Creative Eulogy Examples
You can come up with some really cute eulogies by tapping into your creative side. For instance, you can start your eulogy with a catchy saying or proverb. You can even pick a line from your favorite song to convey your message. If you know how to sing, you can deliver your eulogy in a form of a song or if you’re into poetry, you can also write a eulogy in a form of a poem. What’s important is you write a eulogy suited for the occasion and for the person you’re giving it to.

All You Need to Know about Funeral Speeches

What are funeral speeches?

Funeral speeches are often referred to as elegies. They are speeches dedicated for the departed individuals. A funeral speech can be given by the most special person of the dead like a husband or wife or anybody close to the deceased. Since it’s for a funeral, these speeches are very solemn and serious. The content of the speech focuses on the virtues of the departed or it can tell about his or her memorable experiences here on earth. What’s important is that funeral speeches must be able to touch the hearts of everybody present during the service.

How to write funeral speeches

If it’s your first time to write funeral speeches then there’s nothing to worry about since it’s very easy to do. You don’t have to be a bestselling author just to come up with a very decent funeral speech. One of the first things you have to do is to ask yourself what exactly do you want people to know about the deceased. Do you think they’ll be interested to learn about the remarkable virtues of that person or his or her dreams and aspiration in life? Once you already have an idea of what to talk about you write your outline. You just have to make an introduction, body, and ending to your speech. Lastly, finalize your draft and if you’re not yet confident about what you’ve written then have it reviewed by a friend.

Things you must NOT write

Remember that eulogies like funeral speeches are serious in nature. Never write about an embarrassing moment of the deceased and make everybody laugh. In addition, never reveal the darkest secrets of that person which he or she shared with you. Also, bear in mind that it’s a speech and not a sermon so it shouldn’t be too lengthy. Stick to the basics and never write anything against the deceased.

How to Write Funeral Poetry for Grandmother

Your grandmother is a treasure to keep. But there is no denying that being old and fragile- grandmothers can be someone who is prone to a lot of ailments- and even death. If that unfortunate time comes, you can tell the world how much your grandmother means to you by writing her simple funeral poetry. This is something that you can keep for yourself or share with the rest of the people your grandmother had known on her funeral day.

Your sadness is something that you can use to create a touching and very personal funeral poetry for your grandmother. If you want to write one, here are some quick tips.

• You can share precious moments that you had with your grandma. This may be something that you experienced during your childhood years or as an adult. You can write a verse about this in your funeral poem.

• Describe how you grandmother is like when she was alive. You can create a visual character of her through descriptive words that you can play in your funeral poetry.

• You can check some samples over the Internet on funeral poems. You can also take a look at funeral speeches template and see what you can learn from it in creating a poetry on your grandma’s eulogy.

• As soon as you have some ideas of what you should write about, start writing. Allow your ideas to flow and just write down what you feel. After writing, read it though and edit if needed.

Sample funeral verse for grandmother

Even at her age, she has been a strong woman
She is always there for me as much as she can
I want to follow her values and legacy
I know she would now realize and see
That she got in me, the granddaughter she wanted me to be

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How to Choose Funeral Prayers

Reciting funeral prayers is an important part of a funeral. To most religion, prayers are believed to help the deceased person reach heaven and continue with her spiritual journey. Prayers should be comforting and positive. It should have inspirational verses to keep the mood of the moment sincere and solemn. There are a number of funeral speeches that you can choose from. You can get them over the Internet or you can get something from your prayer book.

There are several kinds of funeral prayer. So make sure that you picked something that is right for the event. You should know what religion or funeral type you are attending to in order to know which prayer to recite. There are pre-written funeral prayers for Christians, Baptists, Catholics, and Jewish. You can also find funeral prayers that can be used by Protestants, Episcopal, and Methodists.

When writing a funeral prayer, you can also include your own personal prayer and your personal intentions. It would be nice to write a prayer that gives inspiration and hope to the people that are present during the funeral. You may also include some inspirational bible verses and quotes. Recite something that people can remember when they leave the funeral.

After you’ve come up with a funeral prayer, (either something that you have written or taken from a prayer book or the Bible) it would be a good gesture to let the officiating priest or pastor take a look at your prayer. This way, you would know whether or not it is appropriate for the event.

Sample funeral prayer

Almighty God the Father
You treasure everything that you created
You are the judge of our life
We believe in your mercy and love
As we depart from Jill today
Please lead her to your loving arms
May you embrace her in your kingdom
And continue to shower us with your grace