How to Write Funeral Poetry for Grandmother

Your grandmother is a treasure to keep. But there is no denying that being old and fragile- grandmothers can be someone who is prone to a lot of ailments- and even death. If that unfortunate time comes, you can tell the world how much your grandmother means to you by writing her simple funeral poetry. This is something that you can keep for yourself or share with the rest of the people your grandmother had known on her funeral day.

Your sadness is something that you can use to create a touching and very personal funeral poetry for your grandmother. If you want to write one, here are some quick tips.

• You can share precious moments that you had with your grandma. This may be something that you experienced during your childhood years or as an adult. You can write a verse about this in your funeral poem.

• Describe how you grandmother is like when she was alive. You can create a visual character of her through descriptive words that you can play in your funeral poetry.

• You can check some samples over the Internet on funeral poems. You can also take a look at funeral speeches template and see what you can learn from it in creating a poetry on your grandma’s eulogy.

• As soon as you have some ideas of what you should write about, start writing. Allow your ideas to flow and just write down what you feel. After writing, read it though and edit if needed.

Sample funeral verse for grandmother

Even at her age, she has been a strong woman
She is always there for me as much as she can
I want to follow her values and legacy
I know she would now realize and see
That she got in me, the granddaughter she wanted me to be

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