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Reflecting on Funeral Sermons

During funerals, we can really feel that there is a sad and gloomy atmosphere. This is why prayers are very important. Funeral prayers are recited not only for the sake of the deceased person but also to the people who he had left behind. Death can often bring us to a spiritual journey. It can also make us realize the value of life. More than anything, during these times of sorrow, we should hang on to our religion. Funerals sermons are very comforting to hear especially if they are written and delivered well by the officiating pastor or priest of the funeral.

Largely, Christians and Catholics would often have a ceremony or celebrate the Holy Eucharist during a funeral. This is the time where the priest would give out his funeral sermons. They are filled with hopes and positivism that God has mercy on His people and through His love, the deceased would achieve eternal life with the Father.

Take time to listed and reflect on funeral sermons. You can learn a lot of lessons in the words of your preacher. Take something home with you- a positive outlook and a determined mindset to continue with life with hope and love.

Sample funeral sermons

We are here today not to spread sorrow and grief to the people present here today, but we gather together today in unison to pray for our sister, Jill. We believe that our prayers would help her be with the Father in his kingdom. Prayer is a powerful instrument that we can use to help Jill in her journey to the next life. The best thing that we can do right now, is not to cry, but to pray for Jill- that is the best gift that you can give her. The flowers would wither but prayers never will.

Trust in God. He has plans for all of us. He works in mysterious ways and soon, you would know the reason why all of these have to happen and why He has to take Jill away. We should not only pray for Jill, but we should also pray for each other. May we move on with our lives and live the lessons and the values Jill imparted us with.

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The Tradition Of Funerals

Death, unfortunately and inevitably, is a part of the cycle of life. Of course, this inevitability means that at one time or another in the course of our lives, we will be faced with the death of a loved one. At such times, along with the despair and grief, comes the necessity of making arrangements. Funerals are a part of the ceremony of death, varying depending on culture, religion, and geographical location. But, no matter how they are performed, funerals share common ground in that they honor the life and memory of the deceased and offer a final goodbye for their family.

No funeral is the same, as no person is the same. While there are generalities to modern funerals, there are also personal touches added to reflect the unique personality of the deceased and personalize the services. Funerals may begin, depending on the family background, with a wake or viewing. While open casket viewings continue to be customary, some families choose to close the casket and instead display pictures of the deceased.

Funerals will normally also include a service of some kind. A service can be held at a funeral parlor or in a church, synagogue, or other place of worship depending upon the family’s particular traditions. Many people choose to personalize this portion of funerals by including readings by loved ones or excerpts from poems or literature that was particularly special to the deceased.

Other family members choose to have a memorial service following the burial at a later time. In this way – as opposed to traditional funerals – loved ones can gather at any special place they choose to honor the deceased without the presence of the casket.

The planning of funerals also includes burial services. There are of course different options when it comes to burial including family cemetery plots and mausoleums. There is also the option for cremation after which you can scatter the ashes in a particularly special place.

Ultimately, funerals are meant to honor the life of someone you love. Add your special touches to make it a lovely and lasting memorial.

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Funeral Insurance

Dying is big business in the USA. Most funeral homes and there directors are nice people but as in any business you will find those who will take advantage. Let us ask ourselves who is more vulnerable than someone who has just lost a loved one.

There are many misconceptions about funerals and burials and we will attempt to make things easy for you to understand so that you can find funeral insurance.

First embalming is not a legal requirement but in some states after 24 hours it is required and other state have no requirements at all. Refrigeration is also an alternative that is now offered. A viewing of the body is not a necessity, for some people this may even have a negative effect. In surveys it has been stated that 32 percent of people found it to be not comforting at all. Most people start saying there goodbyes long before death occurs. If the family members choose to have one last look this can then be arranged by the funeral director.

Choosing a casket is really when they tug at the heart of the deceased family. There is no need for a protective or expensive casket. Processes that interfere with the normal decomposition of the body are unnecessary.

Cremation is another area for misconceptions because there is no need to purchase a special urn to bury or store the ashes. They can be kept in the vessel and they are given to you at the time of cremation. Ashes can be buried on any private property as long as the owner gives permission. Cremation means that there are no longer any health hazards so therefore it is considered a final disposition of human remains.

Prepaying for a funeral by using funeral insurance can be a good option for you because first and foremost it takes most of the decisions out of the breve family members. Also you will be paying for the funeral using todays cost. Just remember that all of your plans can not always be meet due to extenuating circumstances. If you are ok with that then this can be the right decision for you. Certain cost such as flowers, autopsy, clergy and obituary notices will be paid by the family estate.

Funeral insurance can be an excellent choice for you so that you can take the worry out of a situation were you may be in distress. We have attempted to make this information on funeral insurance easy for your loved ones you in there hour of need. As with any other business dealings try to work with people you feel comfortable with and that they have been recommended by someone you trust.

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Eulogy Speech Origins and Tradition

Derived from the Greek words “eu” which means good and “logo” which means word, a eulogy is defined as a formal expression of praise. More commonly it is described as a spoken or written tribute usually given in honor to someone who died recently.

Death, being a mystery, has confounded humanity since the olden days. Ceremonies for the dead have long been practiced since the ancient times as a ways and means of coping with this mystifying event. In the ancient Roman times, a eulogy in a form of an oratory served as a means of remembrance and a way of honoring the newly departed among the elite of society. The oratories, given usually by the son or a close relative, offered a remembrance of the good deeds, achievements and character of the deceased. A Roman eulogy is always made in a positive tone to reassure the prestige of the bereaved family.

Early Christian eulogies were patterned after the Roman orations but have an added aspect of religious messages of consolation and comfort. Eulogies of the Christian kind discussed scriptural references to death and biblical exhortations while giving honor to dead by dwelling on the deceased’s life on earth and requesting support of the community for the bereaved family. Biblical and scriptural references in eulogies usually focus on the heavens, eternal life and the reunion with loved ones who passed away earlier. Eulogies were performed by church leaders such as priests and pastors as a religious ritual.

Contemporary eulogies are no longer limited as traditional religious ceremonies. Family members and friends provide eulogies in a more human and less religious manner because of their close association with the departed. Some contemporary eulogies are delivered on the lighter and less serious side to lessen the grievous atmosphere of death while still providing comfort and support to family and friends of the departed. Contemporary eulogies also use non contemporary technologies such as video presentations, slide shows, audio recordings, Internet broadcasting and other media.

The advancement of technology through the Internet and the World Wide Web has influenced the delivery and practice of eulogies. Access to numerous resources and websites on eulogy writing, samples of famous eulogies, instant eulogies and funeral sermons are now available online. Advancements in Internet video streaming can also provide a means of transmitting and broadcasting eulogies to family members and friends who could not be present at funerals.