The Tradition Of Funerals

Death, unfortunately and inevitably, is a part of the cycle of life. Of course, this inevitability means that at one time or another in the course of our lives, we will be faced with the death of a loved one. At such times, along with the despair and grief, comes the necessity of making arrangements. Funerals are a part of the ceremony of death, varying depending on culture, religion, and geographical location. But, no matter how they are performed, funerals share common ground in that they honor the life and memory of the deceased and offer a final goodbye for their family.

No funeral is the same, as no person is the same. While there are generalities to modern funerals, there are also personal touches added to reflect the unique personality of the deceased and personalize the services. Funerals may begin, depending on the family background, with a wake or viewing. While open casket viewings continue to be customary, some families choose to close the casket and instead display pictures of the deceased.

Funerals will normally also include a service of some kind. A service can be held at a funeral parlor or in a church, synagogue, or other place of worship depending upon the family’s particular traditions. Many people choose to personalize this portion of funerals by including readings by loved ones or excerpts from poems or literature that was particularly special to the deceased.

Other family members choose to have a memorial service following the burial at a later time. In this way – as opposed to traditional funerals – loved ones can gather at any special place they choose to honor the deceased without the presence of the casket.

The planning of funerals also includes burial services. There are of course different options when it comes to burial including family cemetery plots and mausoleums. There is also the option for cremation after which you can scatter the ashes in a particularly special place.

Ultimately, funerals are meant to honor the life of someone you love. Add your special touches to make it a lovely and lasting memorial.

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