How to Write and Give a Eulogy Speech

Fortunately, I have never had to deliver a eulogy. However, I have had to go through a couple of deaths. That includes the death of my five year old nephew’s last August. There can be different types of eulogies and depending on the situation may alter what kind of eulogy you may want to give. I have seen eulogies of people have memorable and humorous eulogies. If they have suffered through illness or had a long life, this is often the case. My nephews’ eulogy, given by my sister, was extremely serious. Depending on the type of situation, you might want to tailor the eulogy around that.

You should always take into account what other family members might feel while the eulogy is being given. Personally, I would recommend straying away from anything that might make them feel embarrassed. Every story you tell, in my opinion, should be honorable to the deceased. Another thing to remember is that the eulogy can be given by someone who was not particularly close. If this is the case, always try to bring in a story that would tie in people who he or she is closest to. This is something that I am sure they will greatly appreciate. Humorous perhaps might be okay here to relieve some of the crying and grief.

By all means, eulogies should always be written with respect to the deceased. I have seen in the past family members or other people in the service getting upset by what someone had said. I have heard stories that kind of make you wonder if they were given out of honor for the persons life or not. In no way would most people want to give something like that so it is very important to sit down and write what you want to say. Putting some thought and preparation into each sentence will allow you to come up with something nice and something that people will remember for years to come.

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