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Example Eulogy for Sister

Eulogy Speech for Sister

“My sister Carlene was the type of person who believed that anything was possible. I’m not exactly sure where she received her strong attitude towards life, but I can definitely say that it affected those around her for the better. When we were young, she always preferred the name ‘Carly’ instead of ‘Carlene’. She was always a fun person to be around, and having her gone has taken a lot out of me emotionally.

Life can definitely throw some curve balls at you, but thanks to Carlene, I’ve learned how to cope with these situations much more effectively. When my sister was in college, she worked three jobs and went to school – it just goes to show her character and just how harder and worker she actually was. She was an activist for a variety of causes as well, mainly for human and animal rights.

When Carlene had her first child, her eccentric personality immediately washed away and she focused all of her energy on her baby. Her devoted personality and loving nature is something that I will miss more than you know. She was the type of mother who would give her children the full attention and love that they deserved. And it came to us all as a shock when we discovered that she had an illness.

Being a fighter, I knew that she’d be able to defeat the cancer – and she did for more than seven years. Although she’s gone now, I’m sure that your children have all received amazing core values from her. As I stand out here today, I can clearly see just how many lives she touched during her time on earth. Remembering all of her achievements and contributions brings a tear to my eye just thinking about them.

Little sister, although you are gone, you are not forgotten. All of us here in this room, especially your children, husband, mother, and father, are going to miss your generosity and warmth. Your commitment to humanity will not go unnoticed, and your courage is going to lead everyone by example as we live out the rest of our lives. God Speed, and I hope to see you again someday long from now.”

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