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Death Poems

Death poems don’t necessarily need to be gloomy or solace. In fact, they don’t need to incorporate a specific style at all. As long as you feel that you’re saying what you feel in the most honest and vulnerable way possible, it’s going to be an emotionally captivating poem. To help get you familiarized with what a death poem should sound like, here are a few ones to use as a reference below.

Death Poem Example 1 – The Song of Life

Because you loved throughout your life, you didn’t have any sorrow in your heart when you died. You sent your graceless angle wings into the deep blue sky. Now, every time that the wind settles or the rain falls, I will feel you. The peace of heaven, is with you now, and one day, I will hold your hand once again. As I look through the window of my empty kitchen, I can still see you playing in the yard, and I know you’re smiling down at me, for you’ve loved your life and lived it like a burning star.

Death Poem Example 2 – Going Away For Good

I cannot say why it happened, but I know that you’ve gone away for good. Your cheery smile and gentle personality is only a memory now. Every now and then, when I’m alone and I cry, an image of your face comes to my eye. From the moment I first met you, to the moment you took your last breath, these memories are like gold to me, as I grieve for your death. So live on, live on, in a world far away from here, and please don’t forget me, because soon we’ll be near.

Death Poem Example 3 – A Guest Parting Ways

Live, laugh, and love, that’s what they always say, but I never could have imagined, that it would have ended this way. Through all the sorrow and all the pain, you’re now a parting guest, who I hope to see return again someday, so that I can give you my best. Although you’re gone, our bond remains strong, that time until we meet again, won’t be that long.

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How to Write Funeral Poetry for Grandmother

Funeral poetry for honoring grandmother
Grandmothers have a special place in everyone’s life. They are there to spoil and take care of you when your parents aren’t around, and provide wisdom of the ages that never get old even to modern day problems. They can be your mentor and your best friend, your inspiration, and your guardians when no one else is there. By using funeral poetry to honor your grandmother at her funeral, you can make your dedication to her more beautiful and intimate, and to show everyone what a special lady she truly was.

How to write funeral poetry for grandmother
Each grandmother has their own special and unique mannerisms that define the lady that she was. You can try to write these down, as well as the golden nuggets of advice she would offer you. You can also share any memories you had with her while you were growing up, how she would go out of her way to help you with anything that you needed. For example, if you both enjoyed cooking or baking, how did you value your time together in the kitchen? Did you enjoy helping her out around the house or the kitchen? Write these down and you can stitch them together as beautiful poetry dedicated to her.

Sample poem for grandmother

Years wiser, yet more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever known
You have always been there for us, and never made us feel alone
Warmth of your love, kindness of your heart, gentleness of your smile
We will always feel your presence even far out as miles
Everything you know, passed down to our generation
Ingrained onto our hearts, each loving tradition

With words as simple as these, you can already capture the essence of your grandmother. You may alter it and change it up, but remember to use the words and memories that remind you most of her.

Writing Memorable Funeral Poems for Mom

Why is writing funeral poems for mom difficult?

If there’s one person who showers us with unconditional love it has to be our mother. And when the time comes for us to say our last goodbye to our mother, it’s only right that we give her a special message from the bottom of our hearts. Funeral poems are not so hard to write. It’s only hard because we are so emotional about her leaving us. We know the exact words to say but writing it down and delivering it in front of other people can be overwhelming. You’re scared you’ll burst out crying in the middle of your delivery.

Writing it down

As a child, it’s your responsibility to write funeral poems for mom especially if you’re tasked by the rest of the family to do it. Consider yourself honored since it’s your chance to let everybody know how much you love your mom. So what are you going to write down? The most practical way is to write about what you know. For example, you can list the admirable traits of your mom and write a poem about them. You can even write a short verse or narrative about your fun times together or the lessons you’ve learned from her.

Sample funeral poem for mom

I will miss your warm smile
That wakes me up every morning
I will miss your sweet kiss
That makes me feel better during hard times
I will miss your laughter
That brightens up my darkest days
I will miss the touch of your hand
That tells me everything will be all right
I will miss your kind words
That inspires me to go after my dreams
I will miss your love
That taught me how to open my heart
Most importantly, I will miss YOU.

The Basics of a Funeral Poem

Why write a funeral poem

Writing anything is always a good, creative form of release and expression when we are going through anything that is inspirational or painful in life. Death stirs up many emotions in people, many of which are difficult to describe which is why people sometimes end up writing a funeral poem to express their grief and sadness towards the loss of a relative or loved one. If you find yourself needing to write a eulogy in a funeral and you’re not good with words, writing a poem may be the best alternative.

How to write a funeral poem

Remember that when you are writing a funeral poem, you may end up making numerous revisions until you reach a poem that you are completely satisfied with. Having said that, grab a piece of paper and start writing down the words that closely resemble how you are feeling towards the situation. You may end up having negative thoughts, but by using a poem you may want to steer it in an optimistic direction that the one you have lost is now in a better place. String the words together to form beautiful phrases, they don’t even have to rhyme. What’s important is the poem best expresses how you feel about the particular death.

Sample verse of a funeral poem

Losing someone you love is never easy,
It creates a void in your life that may never become filled again
It feels as though there is this striking emptiness,
But there is also relief in knowing that (name) is in a better place
A paradise, with no pain, and no hurts that this world has
Where (name) can enjoy everlasting life with the Creator
When you realize the bigger picture about death
It helps me sleep better at night, knowing they are there, guiding and watching over me.

Poems about Death

Using a contemporary or traditional funeral poem during a memorial service can help provide both you and the guests with some solace and inspiration. Below you’ll find a few example poems as well as some tips that you can follow to create your own.

Remembering Yesterday

Remember me when I’ve gone away, far to a silent world, when you can no longer hold my hand. Remember me when you feel like you’ve got nowhere to say, and know that deep down inside, we’ll meet again one day. Although our futures didn’t go as planned, I certainly understand, and you’ll see me up late nights so that I can sit and pray. An indication of your image, I once had, and for better or worse, I’ll remember and be sad.

Leaving in the Night

Please don’t go into that gentle good night, I don’t think I could bare, if you went out of site. I’m raged about dying, I’m raged about death, and I can only hope that I’ll pass this emotional test. I hope that where you are now, you’re happy and free, and that every so often, you’re looking down at me. So leave in the night, if you must, but hold my hand until it’s over, so that we can memorialize our trust.

Qualities of a Good Death Poem

What are some of the qualities of a good death poem? As you already know, poetry is about speaking from your heart, so a good death poem needs to be that – authentic. When writing a death poem, whether for yourself or for a memorial speech, don’t hold anything back. Say and write down exactly what you’re feeling.

Death poems vary in length, style, and structure. They don’t necessarily need to rhyme, and they don’t need to be a specific word count. As long as you’re conveying what you’re feeling, and perhaps including relevant aspects of the deceased’s life, then you’re doing a good job. Writing death poems can not only help you heal emotionally, but it can help honor, memorialize, and celebrate the life of the person who has passed away.

How to Write Funeral Poems for Mom

Why use a poem for a mother’s funeral?
Losing a mother is never easy, as they have been the ones who raised us and took care of us. Mothers are the figures who work hard to give us a good quality of life, sacrificing even their own deepest wants and desires as long as they can give more to their children. Using a poem to honor a mother in her funeral is a good way to add substance that no other words can offer. There are many poems out there created solely for mothers or you can also write your own.

How to create a poem for mother’s funeral
If you don’t have experience in writing a poem, you may want to have a scratch pad where you can write down your favorite quotes and memorable experiences with her.  You and your mother may have a particular tradition that no one else knows, this is a good time to write it down on paper and let other people know. Also describe her character: how strong she was and how she lifted the family up in times of need, how she was there for you, and how she knew you like no one else can. Think around these lines, and you’ll surely be able to put a poem together in no time.

Sample verses in a poem for mother

My childhood is made up entirely of fragments of you, smiling down at me
Full of love and joy, the kind of warmth only a mother can give, but only we can see
Your beauty on the outside is unmatched by the treasures in your heart
I have been lucky enough to experience this, and because of your love we will never truly ever be apart.

You can play with words to suit your own feelings and preferences to demonstrate how you really feel about your mother.

The Best Poems for Funerals

Why use poems for funerals?
When someone passes, it may be difficult for his loved ones or close friends to find the right words to express how they feel about the deceased’s life or death. This is why the use of artistic literature such as songs, verses, poems, and short stories are often inserted into eulogies or anecdotes. It helps provide a sort of inspiration to draw out the words and feelings of the entire situation. Poems in particular are more dramatic and are good for leaving the crowd feeling inspired, as there are many tried and tested verses used to soothe crowds in funerals.

How do you find the best poems for funerals?
There are many funeral poems out there; although it is hardly the case that one poem may fit all occasions. It is better to customize the poem and find one that is really meant for the role that person played in your life, whether it be a spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent, friend, or cousin. In your research for the right poem to use, you may want to search for poems that focus on a particular theme such as: parental love, faith, or any subject you see most fit.

Sample verse for funeral

Together we have walked miles on this earth
Miles of night, miles of day
Nothing could separate us, I thought, until that dreary evening in May
You joined the angels high above
Continue to shine us with your light and love
Two best friends are never really separated
I will continue to write to you even when I am aged
Prayers that you miss me, see me, and hear me
And I know that in the afterlife, we will be reunited beautifully

These are just some ways you can make use of poems for funerals, but you can be unique and make your own.

How to Write a Funeral Poem

Writing a funeral poem
Do you find it hard to write poems? Are you not confident enough with your writing skills? If yes, then you should definitely learn to start writing poems. You’ll never know when you’ll be tasked to write and deliver a funeral poem which is why you have to be prepared. Many people learned how to write a funeral poem late in their lives. In fact, they never knew they could write one not until they were given the responsibility to deliver a funeral poem to a dead family member or close friend.

Tips for writing funeral poem
There are many ways on how you can write a funeral poem. You can start by asking yourself what kind of writing style you will adapt. Are you going to write a narrative, free verse, or one with rhythm and rhyme? For someone who’s new to writing a funeral poem, you may consider writing in free verse since it’s the easiest. You simply jot down in phrases the things you want to say. But if you prefer one with rhythm and rhyme, just make sure you choose the right words carefully. Don’t just write the word down just because it happens to rhyme with the other.

Putting emotions into words
Write about what you know. Every word that you write must come straight you’re your heart. It should be honest and sincere. You don’t need to use words that require a dictionary but use only simple words which are very easy to understand. This way those who are reading or listening to the funeral poem you wrote will appreciate your work. In case you have zero idea on how to write a funeral poem, you can ask the help of those you know who are capable of writing one. Also if you already have a draft with you, have it checked by an expert.

Learn About Poems on Death

Why do people write poetry on death?
People today still have a difficult time explaining what happens to the body when one dies. Especially when it happens to a family member or a close friend, it becomes quite surreal and the experience can be very hard on some people. They try to deal with the grief in an optimistic way, and many times they produce beautiful literary pieces such as poetry. By putting together romantic words and ideals of what happens when people die, poetry helps people cope better with the unknown and the uncertainties of death.

How does one write poems on death
Writing poetry is one of the greatest ways man has learned how to express himself especially when it comes to matters of the heart, life, and death. If you want to learn how to write about death, it will help you express yourself in a way that no other medium can. To start out, grab a piece of paper and let the words flow; write down what words come to mind the most when you think about death or the person who has passed away. Then when you feel you are ready, put them together in words or phrases until everything makes sense to you the way you want them to.

Sample verses of poems on death

They say, life is always too short
That’s why live it to the fullest, before the next world comes to court
Love those who love you,
Forgive the enemies and keep those who are true
Live a life such that people will cry when you are gone
Savor every second, every minute, and every day long
You will never know when your last day on earth will be
Wake up each day and treat it meaningfully

How to Write Funeral Poetry for Grandmother

Your grandmother is a treasure to keep. But there is no denying that being old and fragile- grandmothers can be someone who is prone to a lot of ailments- and even death. If that unfortunate time comes, you can tell the world how much your grandmother means to you by writing her simple funeral poetry. This is something that you can keep for yourself or share with the rest of the people your grandmother had known on her funeral day.

Your sadness is something that you can use to create a touching and very personal funeral poetry for your grandmother. If you want to write one, here are some quick tips.

• You can share precious moments that you had with your grandma. This may be something that you experienced during your childhood years or as an adult. You can write a verse about this in your funeral poem.

• Describe how you grandmother is like when she was alive. You can create a visual character of her through descriptive words that you can play in your funeral poetry.

• You can check some samples over the Internet on funeral poems. You can also take a look at funeral speeches template and see what you can learn from it in creating a poetry on your grandma’s eulogy.

• As soon as you have some ideas of what you should write about, start writing. Allow your ideas to flow and just write down what you feel. After writing, read it though and edit if needed.

Sample funeral verse for grandmother

Even at her age, she has been a strong woman
She is always there for me as much as she can
I want to follow her values and legacy
I know she would now realize and see
That she got in me, the granddaughter she wanted me to be

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