Eulogy for Brother: Funeral Speech Writing Tips

A brotherly love is like no other. A brother is there to protect you and a best friend that you can run to whenever you weary. There are a lot of meanings of brotherhood but you would surely know the real meaning of this word when your brother passes away. You can share your experiences with your brother during his funeral. Celebrate his life and the good things that he has left behind. If you were to write a eulogy for your brother, you can have some good ideas with these tips:

How to write a eulogy for brother

  • Jot down happy moments that you had with your brother. You can talk to his close friends, wife or girlfriend, and kids and ask them how your brother was like as a partner, as a father or as a friend. Sum up all of these in your speech.
  • Jot down the characteristics of your brother and think hard on how you want your brother to be remembered. You can portray your brother as a loving husband or a caring dad in your speech. But most importantly, tell the audience how your brother is a ‘brother’ to you.
  • Talk about your brother’s achievements. Share the values he had to get to his success.
  • You can always share a funny experience with your brother. This would lighten up the mood. Always end your funeral speech with a happy note.

Sample eulogy for brother

Today should not be a day of grief but a celebration of life. My brother had lived his life in such a beautiful fashion. He has been a protective brother to me, a responsible dad to his kids and a faithful husband to his wife. One may say that he had gone through a perfect life but there are some things that you should know about my brother… (you can start sharing funny experiences or share your brother’s secret hobby or secret passion -something that would surprise the audience).

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