Eulogy Writing Tips

The deliverance of the Eulogy is one of the highlight of a funeral. This is the moment where every surviving family members and friends reflects on the life, accomplishment and some anecdotes about the life of the deceased person. It is fitting that the eulogy speech should be written and then spoken straight from the speaker’s heart.

The main purpose of eulogy is to find something to celebrate and remember about the life of the deceased person. Write something about his achievements, dreams, fascinations and fond memories shared with the deceased person that will forever endear more the deceased person’s memory to those present at the funeral. The eulogy that you will write should include other snippets about the person’s life according to his/her close relatives and friends.

For example include the fondest memories shared with the deceased like for example you were delivering a eulogy for a person named Alex.

“Alex’s college roommate and best friend Larry told me about the time Alex found out about Larry’s depression over his break up with his girlfriend. Larry told me that Alex made every possible attempt to help them get back together, this includes Alex driving and accompanying Larry 300 miles to Boston so that Larry and his ex girlfriend could patch things together, now 25 years later, Larry is still happily married to that very same girl, all thanks to Alex”.

Remember a eulogy is somehow a summary of all the great things in the life of the deceased person. It’s a sober yet inspiring, memorable and unforgettable at the same time.

You can write your eulogy in different parts or sections like the following:

Life Summary
Write a short eulogy detailing the summary of deceased person’s life that will reveal their previously unknown side. This kind of eulogy should give a welcome opportunity to remember with fondness moments of bliss in a time of great bereavement.

Paying Tribute
Write a collection of tribute highlighting the achievements the deceased person have accomplished in his life.

Fondest Memories
This is where you write your stand out memories of the deceased person. Memories that will honor them more and make others remember their own fondest memories of the deceased person.

This is where you write and pour out everything that the deceased person have stood for in his life, his beliefs and the legacy that he/she will leave behind. This usually includes charitable works, children, projects and other community activities that were done by the deceased person.

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