How to Use Eulogy Templates

Given the privilege to say your piece during a funeral is a real honor. You can show how much the deceased person means to you and how much he or she had changed your life. Some people are not gifted with great writing skills, and if you were tasked to write a funeral speech, you can search the Internet for some eulogy templates that you can use as a guide to write your own speech.

What are eulogy templates?

Eulogy templates are basically funeral speech examples. They would contain an opening remarks, the body of the speech and closing remarks. There are different eulogy templates that you can choose from. Look for eulogy templates that would suite your needs. There are funeral templates for father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, friend and a lot more. You can find eulogy templates on the Internet. You can search for them and you would find a number of websites offering templates for free or for a minimal cost.

How to use eulogy templates

After finding the right template for you, observe how the eulogy was written. You would usually fill out blank lines on a template with the deceased name and other information. But it is important to add your own thoughts on the speech too. The eulogy template should only serve as a guide. In preparing for a eulogy, write and speak from your heart and you would not go wrong. Make your funeral speech as personal as possible. Be sincere in what you say and be collected and confident when you deliver your speech.

Eulogy template example

This may be the last day that we have (name of the deceased) in our midst on this earth. But I know she would be with us, looking after us, as long as we live. Jill has always been a reliable and great (your relationship to the deceased) to me. She has been an inspiration to me and other people…

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