How to Write Funeral Poems for Mom

Why use a poem for a mother’s funeral?
Losing a mother is never easy, as they have been the ones who raised us and took care of us. Mothers are the figures who work hard to give us a good quality of life, sacrificing even their own deepest wants and desires as long as they can give more to their children. Using a poem to honor a mother in her funeral is a good way to add substance that no other words can offer. There are many poems out there created solely for mothers or you can also write your own.

How to create a poem for mother’s funeral
If you don’t have experience in writing a poem, you may want to have a scratch pad where you can write down your favorite quotes and memorable experiences with her.  You and your mother may have a particular tradition that no one else knows, this is a good time to write it down on paper and let other people know. Also describe her character: how strong she was and how she lifted the family up in times of need, how she was there for you, and how she knew you like no one else can. Think around these lines, and you’ll surely be able to put a poem together in no time.

Sample verses in a poem for mother

My childhood is made up entirely of fragments of you, smiling down at me
Full of love and joy, the kind of warmth only a mother can give, but only we can see
Your beauty on the outside is unmatched by the treasures in your heart
I have been lucky enough to experience this, and because of your love we will never truly ever be apart.

You can play with words to suit your own feelings and preferences to demonstrate how you really feel about your mother.

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The Best Poems for Funerals

Why use poems for funerals?
When someone passes, it may be difficult for his loved ones or close friends to find the right words to express how they feel about the deceased’s life or death. This is why the use of artistic literature such as songs, verses, poems, and short stories are often inserted into eulogies or anecdotes. It helps provide a sort of inspiration to draw out the words and feelings of the entire situation. Poems in particular are more dramatic and are good for leaving the crowd feeling inspired, as there are many tried and tested verses used to soothe crowds in funerals.

How do you find the best poems for funerals?
There are many funeral poems out there; although it is hardly the case that one poem may fit all occasions. It is better to customize the poem and find one that is really meant for the role that person played in your life, whether it be a spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent, friend, or cousin. In your research for the right poem to use, you may want to search for poems that focus on a particular theme such as: parental love, faith, or any subject you see most fit.

Sample verse for funeral

Together we have walked miles on this earth
Miles of night, miles of day
Nothing could separate us, I thought, until that dreary evening in May
You joined the angels high above
Continue to shine us with your light and love
Two best friends are never really separated
I will continue to write to you even when I am aged
Prayers that you miss me, see me, and hear me
And I know that in the afterlife, we will be reunited beautifully

These are just some ways you can make use of poems for funerals, but you can be unique and make your own.

How to Write a Funeral Poem

Writing a funeral poem
Do you find it hard to write poems? Are you not confident enough with your writing skills? If yes, then you should definitely learn to start writing poems. You’ll never know when you’ll be tasked to write and deliver a funeral poem which is why you have to be prepared. Many people learned how to write a funeral poem late in their lives. In fact, they never knew they could write one not until they were given the responsibility to deliver a funeral poem to a dead family member or close friend.

Tips for writing funeral poem
There are many ways on how you can write a funeral poem. You can start by asking yourself what kind of writing style you will adapt. Are you going to write a narrative, free verse, or one with rhythm and rhyme? For someone who’s new to writing a funeral poem, you may consider writing in free verse since it’s the easiest. You simply jot down in phrases the things you want to say. But if you prefer one with rhythm and rhyme, just make sure you choose the right words carefully. Don’t just write the word down just because it happens to rhyme with the other.

Putting emotions into words
Write about what you know. Every word that you write must come straight you’re your heart. It should be honest and sincere. You don’t need to use words that require a dictionary but use only simple words which are very easy to understand. This way those who are reading or listening to the funeral poem you wrote will appreciate your work. In case you have zero idea on how to write a funeral poem, you can ask the help of those you know who are capable of writing one. Also if you already have a draft with you, have it checked by an expert.

Learn About Poems on Death

Why do people write poetry on death?
People today still have a difficult time explaining what happens to the body when one dies. Especially when it happens to a family member or a close friend, it becomes quite surreal and the experience can be very hard on some people. They try to deal with the grief in an optimistic way, and many times they produce beautiful literary pieces such as poetry. By putting together romantic words and ideals of what happens when people die, poetry helps people cope better with the unknown and the uncertainties of death.

How does one write poems on death
Writing poetry is one of the greatest ways man has learned how to express himself especially when it comes to matters of the heart, life, and death. If you want to learn how to write about death, it will help you express yourself in a way that no other medium can. To start out, grab a piece of paper and let the words flow; write down what words come to mind the most when you think about death or the person who has passed away. Then when you feel you are ready, put them together in words or phrases until everything makes sense to you the way you want them to.

Sample verses of poems on death

They say, life is always too short
That’s why live it to the fullest, before the next world comes to court
Love those who love you,
Forgive the enemies and keep those who are true
Live a life such that people will cry when you are gone
Savor every second, every minute, and every day long
You will never know when your last day on earth will be
Wake up each day and treat it meaningfully

How to Write a Proper Funeral Memorial Speech

A funeral memorial speech
If you have been asked to recite a funeral memorial speech, you are being asked to honor the deceased through the power of words. You are probably a family member, loved one, or close friend of the one that passed, therefore you have intimate yet wonderful stories you can share with others about how they lived their lives. In order to write a good eulogy, you should already think of the overall theme or approach. To think about it, you should spend a few hours thinking it, as you don’t want to rush it. Feel free to keep a journal or notebook close by so you can write notes about the theme or any short stories you want to add to the funeral memorial speech.

Tips in writing a funeral memorial speech

  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself, in just a few words as there will be some attendees who may not know your relation to the deceased.
  • Always customize the eulogy – this makes it more sincere and heartfelt, by expressing your own personal feelings as well as thoughts. Always avoid any negative comments or memories as these are hurtful for those who love the deceased. You may even add some photos.
  • Share unique, funny moments you may have had with them, or any important lessons you learned.

Sample funeral speech

“My name is Michael, I have been a long time friend of John’s, way back since our high school days. He’s been lucky enough to live the amazing life he had, he’s been able to travel the world and I have to say all that traveling certainly made him more mature and cultured than the rest of us. He’s always been the one with the most logical and rational decisions amongst all of us, as he’s played the brother figure very well. I’m sure when you think of John, you all think of someone who matured young, and who has a good head on his shoulders. All of us friends were lucky to have a friend in our lives such as John, who has inspired us all to become better in everything we do.”

Unforgettable Eulogy for Grandmother

How to write a eulogy for grandmother
Grandmothers mean a lot to us. Ever since we were young we were told of how grandmothers serve as our second moms. Indeed, they are special people who have touched our lives in more ways than one. If you are to write a eulogy for grandmother, it’s important that you write from the bottom of your heart. This means that you have to come up with a eulogy that’s unforgettable, touching, and full of honesty. Your grandmother deserved the best speech you can think of after all she also sees you as a very special person in her life.

Basic writing tips
In order to ensure you write the best speech, you have to make an outline which will serve as your draft. Write down the possible things you want to talk about in your eulogy. Are you going to talk about your grandmother’s inspiring attributes? Are you going to talk about your unforgettable experiences together? Once you already have a clear picture of what you want to say it’s time you organize the details. You have to come up with a catchy intro like a song or a line from her favorite poem. For the body you go back to your notes and arrange them in a logical manner. You can end your eulogy with a saying or again a line from a poem or song.

Sample eulogy for grandmother

“My grandmother idolized Mother Teresa. And so I share with you this quote from her.

“Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity.”

“Our grandmother has always been there for us through thick and thin. And today as we give our last farewell to her, we know that she’s happy wherever she is right now. She was a very religious person and was very confident that when she dies she’ll be going back to God. Indeed, we know that she is with her Creator now and that she’s very happy. We love you Grandma and you’ll always live in our hearts.”

Unforgettable Eulogy for Grandfather

Why write a eulogy for grandfather
You have heard of eulogies dedicated for mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives. But did you know that our grandfathers also deserve a nice eulogy from us? Bear in mind that eulogies are not just for the dead but they can also be rendered to those who are still living among us. Your grandfather is one of the closest relatives you’ll ever have. He stands as a surrogate parent. As his grandchild you are one of the most special individuals in his life so it’s only proper that you write a eulogy for grandfather. It will mean a lot to him to hear your thoughts and about him.

What to write in a eulogy for grandfather
So how exactly do you start writing your eulogy for grandfather? Well you have to stick to the basics especially if it’s your first time to write one. All you have to do is think of all the wonderful things you want others to know about your grandfather. You may want to talk about his very kind heart, loving personality, or his adventurous side. You can even write about the good times you’ve shared together. Just make sure that your eulogy for grandfather will make his heart glow with pride and joy. It should be honest and meaningful not only to the two of you but to those who are present during the occasion.

Sample eulogy for grandfather during a funeral

“Today is the day that I say my last goodbye to my grandfather. He was an honorable man who never failed to make his children or grandchildren happy and proud of him. This is the opportune time for me in behalf of our family to say something about our grandpa. Well, what can I say? He was one of the most wonderful people I ever met. Grandpa, your memory will always live on. I know that even if you’re not with us physically, your spirit will always dwell upon us. We love you grandpa.”

Giving the Best Eulogy for Father

Memorable eulogy for father
Your father is a very special person who deserves nothing but the best speech you can ever think of. If you want to wow your father and those present during the occasion, you have to come up with a memorable eulogy for father that speaks not only of his great accomplishments in life but his unconditional love as well. Your eulogy to the most important man in your life must come from the heart and be filled of emotions which you can’t express to him before. You should see it as an opportunity to tell him what you really feel.

How to write eulogy for father
You have to think several times of what you want to say in front of your father and his guests when you deliver your eulogy. Write down your ideas so you can go back to them once you’re ready to write your eulogy for father. The simplest ways on how to write one is by making your outline and then finalizing your ideas to make your whole speech well-organized and detailed. Write something about your father which you want others to know just like how your father is the most responsible dad in the whole world.

Delivering a eulogy for father
You have to deliver your eulogy for father with utmost seriousness especially if it’s a funeral. You don’t want people laughing in the saddest moment of your lives. On the other hand, if it’s a funny eulogy dedicated to your father in his 60th birthday or other informal occasions then you can be as humorous as you want to be. Just make sure you don’t end up making your father or yourself the laughingstock of the party. Make sure that you practice your eulogy for father several times, preferable a few days before the big day to avoid getting nervous or shy when you deliver your eulogy.

Eulogy Samples to Help You Write Your Own

How eulogy samples help

Let’s face it. Not all of us are born to write especially eulogies and other speeches. But the fact is they’re not really so hard to write once you have eulogy samples with you. These samples can serve as your guide as you start writing your original eulogies. There are samples found in the internet that also gives you a step by step instruction on how to go about it. Others even offer people like you free eulogy samples including templates which you can then customize. Gather as many samples as you can so that you’ll be ready every time you get invited to deliver a eulogy in a funeral, retirement party, birthday and other occasions.

Where to look for eulogy samples
Now that you’re aware of the many benefits of eulogy samples, it’s time you learn to look for them. The internet is the best source of eulogy samples. You can find all kinds of eulogies online especially in websites dedicated for writing speeches and the like. Most of these samples are free of charge while there are some that require you to sign up and become a member of their site before you avail of their services. You can download these eulogy samples and save them for your own use. Meanwhile, there are also books and magazines where you can find samples or you can borrow some from friends.

Choosing the right eulogy samples
Before you start copying eulogy samples, it’s important that you read each one of them carefully. You have to be very picky since most of these samples are already common. If possible, look for samples that sound unique and interesting compared to the usual eulogies you’ve read or listened to. Most importantly, gather eulogy samples which are useful to you. Have a little of everything. Look for eulogy samples for funerals, weddings, retirement parties, and many more.

Learn to Write Eulogies with These Eulogy Examples

Funny Eulogy Examples
Consider yourself lucky if a friend asked you to delivery a eulogy on his or her birthday. It only means that he or she finds you special enough to deliver a message during the big day. Now you don’t want to bore everybody during the party and since it’s a birthday celebration you should come up with a funny eulogy. Here’s an example:

“They say cats have nine lives but Manny here is now living his 30th life and he’s not even a cat. I must say he doesn’t even grow older each year since he’s still as tall as he was 15 years ago and he still got baby hair.”

Solemn Eulogy Samples
When you’re invited to deliver a speech in a funeral then that’s another story. You have to prepare something serious, one that can move everybody to tears. A great way to write this kind of eulogy is by making a short story line. For example:

“When I was seven, I remembered how my dad and I built a tree house in our backyard. We used to climb it together and while lying on the wooden floor, we’ll talk about our dreams. That tree house is a reminder of our special bond as father and son. And now that my dad returned to his Creator, that tree house will continue to remind me not only of our special relationship but of all the dreams we built together.”

Creative Eulogy Examples
You can come up with some really cute eulogies by tapping into your creative side. For instance, you can start your eulogy with a catchy saying or proverb. You can even pick a line from your favorite song to convey your message. If you know how to sing, you can deliver your eulogy in a form of a song or if you’re into poetry, you can also write a eulogy in a form of a poem. What’s important is you write a eulogy suited for the occasion and for the person you’re giving it to.