All You Need to Know about Funeral Speeches

What are funeral speeches?

Funeral speeches are often referred to as elegies. They are speeches dedicated for the departed individuals. A funeral speech can be given by the most special person of the dead like a husband or wife or anybody close to the deceased. Since it’s for a funeral, these speeches are very solemn and serious. The content of the speech focuses on the virtues of the departed or it can tell about his or her memorable experiences here on earth. What’s important is that funeral speeches must be able to touch the hearts of everybody present during the service.

How to write funeral speeches

If it’s your first time to write funeral speeches then there’s nothing to worry about since it’s very easy to do. You don’t have to be a bestselling author just to come up with a very decent funeral speech. One of the first things you have to do is to ask yourself what exactly do you want people to know about the deceased. Do you think they’ll be interested to learn about the remarkable virtues of that person or his or her dreams and aspiration in life? Once you already have an idea of what to talk about you write your outline. You just have to make an introduction, body, and ending to your speech. Lastly, finalize your draft and if you’re not yet confident about what you’ve written then have it reviewed by a friend.

Things you must NOT write

Remember that eulogies like funeral speeches are serious in nature. Never write about an embarrassing moment of the deceased and make everybody laugh. In addition, never reveal the darkest secrets of that person which he or she shared with you. Also, bear in mind that it’s a speech and not a sermon so it shouldn’t be too lengthy. Stick to the basics and never write anything against the deceased.

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How to Write Funeral Poems for Mom

There are no words that would describe the pain of a child from losing a mother. Moms are always there for their kids through think and thin. Being inside a mother’s womb for nine months, they are more attached to their children than anyone else in the world. It can really be a time of grief and sadness if you are to deliver a funeral speech for someone close to your heart. But you can actually use these emotions in a positive way and create a funeral poem for your mom.

Writing a funeral poem is not hard as it sounds, here are some writing tips:

• Recall the experiences and memories that you spend with your mom. Pick something that is special and memorable to you and you can write this down as a verse in your funeral poem.

• Think about your mom as a mother. You can talk about her care and love when writing down a poem. Make sure that you end up with a positive write up and never a negative one.

• You can choose the mood for your poem. You can make a funny poem or a light hearted one. You can also write something that is touching and emotional. It basically depends on what you want.

• You can log online and check out funeral poem samples so you can have an idea of what to come up with. Your poem does not necessarily have to follow strict guidelines on writing poems. Just make something that it is personal and full of love.

• Try to read your poem out loud to make sure it sounds ok. Edit if necessary.

Sample funeral verse for mom

She carried me in her arms
And was with me during trying times
She was a woman of care and love
But know we have to part
The values she left behind
Would always be in my mind
And she… would always be in my heart

Reflecting on Funeral Sermons

During funerals, we can really feel that there is a sad and gloomy atmosphere. This is why prayers are very important. Funeral prayers are recited not only for the sake of the deceased person but also to the people who he had left behind. Death can often bring us to a spiritual journey. It can also make us realize the value of life. More than anything, during these times of sorrow, we should hang on to our religion. Funerals sermons are very comforting to hear especially if they are written and delivered well by the officiating pastor or priest of the funeral.

Largely, Christians and Catholics would often have a ceremony or celebrate the Holy Eucharist during a funeral. This is the time where the priest would give out his funeral sermons. They are filled with hopes and positivism that God has mercy on His people and through His love, the deceased would achieve eternal life with the Father.

Take time to listed and reflect on funeral sermons. You can learn a lot of lessons in the words of your preacher. Take something home with you- a positive outlook and a determined mindset to continue with life with hope and love.

Sample funeral sermons

We are here today not to spread sorrow and grief to the people present here today, but we gather together today in unison to pray for our sister, Jill. We believe that our prayers would help her be with the Father in his kingdom. Prayer is a powerful instrument that we can use to help Jill in her journey to the next life. The best thing that we can do right now, is not to cry, but to pray for Jill- that is the best gift that you can give her. The flowers would wither but prayers never will.

Trust in God. He has plans for all of us. He works in mysterious ways and soon, you would know the reason why all of these have to happen and why He has to take Jill away. We should not only pray for Jill, but we should also pray for each other. May we move on with our lives and live the lessons and the values Jill imparted us with.

How is a Sample Funeral Speech Helpful

A funeral speech is a small speech given in the remembrance of the departed soul. It can be as personal as one can make it. A funeral speech is a short description of how the departed soul had lived through his life and how his/her death would create a void. It is not necessary that funerals speeches are always sad, as a person, who has lived a long and healthy life is paid tribute by giving the last goodbye happily. Of course, nothing can fill the void created by someone’s death, but comforting words can soothe the pain, at least temporarily.

Writing funeral speeches can be a little difficult. At a time when one is mourning the death of a beloved, it is a little difficult to think straight and put all the memories of the years gone by, into a few words. However, writing about the beautiful times spent together and fond memories of good times can be a way to pay tribute to the departed soul. You can talk about the kindness, gentleness, care, and love of the dead person. You may talk about all the good things that the dead person might have done for his friends, colleagues and family.

Despite the guidelines provided, if you are unable to write a funeral speech, you may take the help of a sample funeral speech available on the internet. This sample funeral speech can be the basis of your speech. There are dedicated sites, which have funeral speeches for specific relations like mother, father, grandparents, child etc. Therefore, you can easily find the most touching funeral speech on the internet.

A funeral speech is like a last goodbye to the deceased and therefore, it must portray your true feelings towards the departed soul. You may take the opportunity to ask for forgiveness or thank the departed soul for what ever he had done in his life.

How to Write Funeral Poetry for Grandmother

Your grandmother is a treasure to keep. But there is no denying that being old and fragile- grandmothers can be someone who is prone to a lot of ailments- and even death. If that unfortunate time comes, you can tell the world how much your grandmother means to you by writing her simple funeral poetry. This is something that you can keep for yourself or share with the rest of the people your grandmother had known on her funeral day.

Your sadness is something that you can use to create a touching and very personal funeral poetry for your grandmother. If you want to write one, here are some quick tips.

• You can share precious moments that you had with your grandma. This may be something that you experienced during your childhood years or as an adult. You can write a verse about this in your funeral poem.

• Describe how you grandmother is like when she was alive. You can create a visual character of her through descriptive words that you can play in your funeral poetry.

• You can check some samples over the Internet on funeral poems. You can also take a look at funeral speeches template and see what you can learn from it in creating a poetry on your grandma’s eulogy.

• As soon as you have some ideas of what you should write about, start writing. Allow your ideas to flow and just write down what you feel. After writing, read it though and edit if needed.

Sample funeral verse for grandmother

Even at her age, she has been a strong woman
She is always there for me as much as she can
I want to follow her values and legacy
I know she would now realize and see
That she got in me, the granddaughter she wanted me to be

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Poems on Death – Funeral and Sympathy Poems

One of the most trying times in our lives is when a person close to our hearts dies. He or she may be your friend, your partner, your lover or your parents. You would be going through a lot of emotions- denial, grief and even depression. It is important that you should know how to handle your emotions and channel it in a positive way. In times of bereavement, you can write poems. You can read what you’ve written during the eulogy and inspire a lot of people.

Poems on death can also give any funeral speech some spice. Your poems should be something personal. This would really touch the heart of everyone and would definitely make the deceased person happy- wherever he or she may be. If you don’t know where to start on how to write poems on death, you can search the Internet for examples and get inspiration from them. You can do your own funeral poems with little effort and pure emotions. The first thing that you should do is to put your emotions into words. At first, don’t worry about restrictions or rhymes. Let go and let your emotions pour out. You would never go wrong by staying truthful and sincere. After doing some writing, you can do some edits so that your write up would sound like a poem. With enough patience, you would definitely come up with a very touch funeral poem.

Example funeral poem

When you have gone, I should let go

Even when you are not here

I know you would never leave me

Your eyes would be looking down at me

Your protective eyes would keep me safe

I thank you for the smiles and cheers

For the laughter and the tears

No one would replace you in my heart

And in His time we never have to part

How to Choose Funeral Prayers

Reciting funeral prayers is an important part of a funeral. To most religion, prayers are believed to help the deceased person reach heaven and continue with her spiritual journey. Prayers should be comforting and positive. It should have inspirational verses to keep the mood of the moment sincere and solemn. There are a number of funeral speeches that you can choose from. You can get them over the Internet or you can get something from your prayer book.

There are several kinds of funeral prayer. So make sure that you picked something that is right for the event. You should know what religion or funeral type you are attending to in order to know which prayer to recite. There are pre-written funeral prayers for Christians, Baptists, Catholics, and Jewish. You can also find funeral prayers that can be used by Protestants, Episcopal, and Methodists.

When writing a funeral prayer, you can also include your own personal prayer and your personal intentions. It would be nice to write a prayer that gives inspiration and hope to the people that are present during the funeral. You may also include some inspirational bible verses and quotes. Recite something that people can remember when they leave the funeral.

After you’ve come up with a funeral prayer, (either something that you have written or taken from a prayer book or the Bible) it would be a good gesture to let the officiating priest or pastor take a look at your prayer. This way, you would know whether or not it is appropriate for the event.

Sample funeral prayer

Almighty God the Father
You treasure everything that you created
You are the judge of our life
We believe in your mercy and love
As we depart from Jill today
Please lead her to your loving arms
May you embrace her in your kingdom
And continue to shower us with your grace

Bible Scriptures for Funerals

During trying times, like when a person close to your heart had died, you are looking for someone that you can lean on as a pillar of strength. No one can give you that strength except for a higher being. Depending on your religion, this someone can be Jesus if you are a Catholic or Allah if you are a Muslim. Whatever you religion is, you can find inspirational words of wisdom that can strengthen you in the bible.

Find time to read bible scriptures. If you were tasked to say a eulogy for the deceased person, you can also use bible scriptures for funeral speeches. This can give your audience a lift of hope when you find the right bible verse to say. There are lots of bible scriptures that can give you inspiration and positive outlook in times of grief and sadness.

The Book of Psalm has a great selection of bible verses that can be used during funerals. It has words of hope to the people that would be left behind. It also contains sayings on how God is all merciful and loving that He would not allow his children to grief. He always has a plan for all of us and it would be realized in time.

During the funeral, most religion would read bible scriptures. This is part of their ceremony. Catholics would often have a bible reading during the Holy Eucharist which is often part of the event.

Sample bible scriptures for funerals

1 Thessalonians 4.13-end

We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about those who have died, so that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have died. For this we declare to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will by no means precede those who have died. For the Lord himself, with a cry of command, with the archangel’s call and with the sound of God’s trumpet, will descend from heaven, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up in the clouds together with them to meet the Lord in the air; and so we will be with the Lord for ever. Therefore encourage one another with these words.

How to Use Eulogy Templates

Given the privilege to say your piece during a funeral is a real honor. You can show how much the deceased person means to you and how much he or she had changed your life. Some people are not gifted with great writing skills, and if you were tasked to write a funeral speech, you can search the Internet for some eulogy templates that you can use as a guide to write your own speech.

What are eulogy templates?

Eulogy templates are basically funeral speech examples. They would contain an opening remarks, the body of the speech and closing remarks. There are different eulogy templates that you can choose from. Look for eulogy templates that would suite your needs. There are funeral templates for father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, friend and a lot more. You can find eulogy templates on the Internet. You can search for them and you would find a number of websites offering templates for free or for a minimal cost.

How to use eulogy templates

After finding the right template for you, observe how the eulogy was written. You would usually fill out blank lines on a template with the deceased name and other information. But it is important to add your own thoughts on the speech too. The eulogy template should only serve as a guide. In preparing for a eulogy, write and speak from your heart and you would not go wrong. Make your funeral speech as personal as possible. Be sincere in what you say and be collected and confident when you deliver your speech.

Eulogy template example

This may be the last day that we have (name of the deceased) in our midst on this earth. But I know she would be with us, looking after us, as long as we live. Jill has always been a reliable and great (your relationship to the deceased) to me. She has been an inspiration to me and other people…

Eulogy for Sister: Funeral Speech Writing Tips

To some people, their sister is their best friend. She is someone that you can talk to over the phone for hours talking about nothing at all. The demise of a sister can really be devastating. Writing a eulogy for your sister can give you the opportunity to say things that you haven’t told her when she was alive. This is your time to tell the world how much you sister means to you. If you are still searching for words on what to say on your funeral speech, here are some ideas.

How to write a eulogy for sister

Think of your sister as you grow together. Jot down the fun and memorable moments that you shared. Tell about something you shared as kids or as an adult. Recall the times when you have felt the love of your sister- this can be something nice to share to your audience during the funeral.

Think of your sister’s characteristics and how she is as a sister. You can also talk to her close friends, co-workers and family to get their opinion about her. You can portray your sister as a good wife and a reliable friend during your funeral speech.

Talk about your sister’s contribution to your family or the community. It would be nice to hear about her achievements and milestones in her life.

Always end with a positive cheer. You can talk about funny experiences that you had with your sister to make the mood lighter.

Sample eulogy for sister

Though we don’t have you in our midst, you would always be remembered as a reliable friend, a loving mother and an understanding wife. To me, you are like my fairy godmother who would just jump out of nowhere whenever I need some help. When we’re kids, you would always help me with Math and as we grow older, you would always help me go through my bad relationships. You are my life saver. Thanks for sharing your life with me and with the rest of us gathered together today to celebrate your life.