Eulogy Speech Ideas

Being asked to give a eulogy can make you feel both honored and nervous. Sometimes, when your emotions are running high, it can be difficult to choose the right words for your speech. In the following sections, we’ll help make the process a little easier by providing you with eulogy speech ideas for a friend (which can be used for family as well).

Eulogy for a Friend – Structure and Layout


“First off, I’d like to thank everyone who showed up to day to help celebrate Adam’s life”.


“As most of you probably already know, Adam and I have been best friends since grade school. We lived only five houses part, so it was easy for us to see each other nearly every day.”


“One of the most precious memories that I have of Adam was the time that he and I went camping in the woods. We spent the entire weekend hiking, climbing trees, and even looking for crayfish under rocks alongside the creek.”

Mentioning Family and Friends

“When you combine the fact that Adam was a kindhearted who wasn’t afraid to take risks, it isn’t difficult to see why it was so adored by his family and friends. It’s the reason why, during a terrible snowstorm, he ventured out on a cold Saturday day to try and deliver food and diapers to one of his family members who was stuck inside of their home. Sure, most people would have waited until morning, but Adam was didn’t give a second thought about it.”


“In closing, a lot of you might not know that Adam was a huge fan of the band Queen. In fact, he was particularly in love with a song called “Dear Friends”. Once, he even promised that if he passed away before I did, that I would need to play this song at his memorial. Well good friend, I’m sad to say that this time has home, and I hope that playing this song for everyone here today will help memorialize Adam and the great person that he was. Thank you.”

Heartfelt Eulogies
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